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Filter hose 12/16mm
Filter hose 12/16mm

Filter hose 12/16mm

€2.95 / m
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Transparent filter hose to connect the external filter.

Dimension: 12/16mm
Per meter or per roll of 3 meters

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Transparent filter hose 12/16mm

Transparent filter hose to connect the external filter. The hose is "food safe" and therefore does not release any harmful substances into the water.

Dimension: 12/16mm

Price is per meter. The number is the number of meters. So if you want 3 meters, enter 3 as the number.
Or per Roll of 3 meters

Transparent filter hose is available in

Hose Inner/outer dimensions Lily pipe / Tube diameter
Filter hose 9/12mm Ø10mm
Filter hose 12/16mm Ø13mm
Filter hose 16/22mm Ø 17mm

Tip 1: When connecting, make the Lily Pipes wet, so that they slide more easily on the hose.
Tip 2: When disconnecting, first press the Lily Pipes a little further, so that the hose comes loose more easily.


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Product type:
Filter accessory

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