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ADA Bacter Ball - beneficial bacteria for aquarium
ADA Bacter Ball - beneficial bacteria for aquarium
ADA Bacter Ball - beneficial bacteria for aquarium ADA Bacter Ball - beneficial bacteria for aquarium

ADA Bacter Ball

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ADA Bacter Ball is a substrate additive made from Bacter 100 in balvorm. This can be in the substrate or in the filter will be added.

Content: 18 pieces

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ADA Bacter Ball (18stuks)

ADA Bacter 100 contains more than 100 different types of bacteria and micro-organisms which help to stabilize the biological balance in the aquarium. The micro-organisms are in a resting state and will pick up, as soon as they with the aquarium water to come in contact. This stabilizes the ecosystem in the aquarium.

In the bottom of the aquarium are all kinds of biological processes going on. Just as in the aquariumfilter useful filter bacteria life, life in the aquarium soil bacteria that help keep harmful substances out of the aquarium water to convert into harmless substances. A soil where there is adequate water circulation is possible, and thus sufficient oxygen is carried, will have a positive influence on the plant growth in your aquarium. The soil rot less quickly, so the roots are in better condition to continue and the optimum nutrients can keep recording.

The bacterial cultures in ADA Bacter 100 to help improve the biological conditions in the soil and the biological balance. Aquarium plants will grow better. It can be added to the soil at the start of the aquarium, but can also directly in the water to be added. It can also be used as a means against algae by the powder green algae spraying to prevent the growth thereof to suppress.

ADA Bacter Ball
Content: 18 pieces

Preferably cool and dark place. Unlimited shelf life.

About the ADA substrate additives
The ADA substrate additives are designed to prevent the growth of aquarium plants to improve and to help maintain a healthy biological balance in the aquarium. The substrate additions across the bottom of the aquarium to be sprinkled. Even before you start with the aquarium or the substrate changes.
They keep the conditions in the substrate are in good condition and promote the growth and spread of micro-organisms. In addition, they will ensure that the plant roots themselves can fully develop and nutrients. Using the additives the substrate is to actively contribute to the improvement of the water quality in your aquarium. The water is clearer, and in the soil will be beneficial bacteria to ensure that biological processes as optimal as possible can be processed. This makes it possible to your aquascape for a long time in perfect condition!

View the brochure of the ADA Substrate System in PDF: A series of leaflet, Substrate


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Bacter Ball
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ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
18 pieces


Bacter Ball

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