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ADA Tourmaline BC aquarium substrate addition
ADA Tourmaline BC aquarium substrate addition
ADA Tourmaline BC aquarium substrate addition ADA Tourmaline BC aquarium substrate addition

ADA Tourmaline BC

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ADA Tourmaline BC is a composition of iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium which are gradually dissolved and the water is enriched with important elements.

Contents: 100 grams

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ADA Tourmaline BC

Tourmaline stone is a gemstone, which since ancient times all special powers to be assigned. This gemstone cleanses, purifies and transforms energies. ADA Tourmaline BC is a composition of minerals such as iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium, which gradually dissolve and the water, enriching it with important elements.

ADA Tourmaline BC is an electrostatic mineral that the roots of aquarium plants stimulates to absorb nutrients. In particular, growing Glossostigma elatinoides 50% more than normal.

Add ADA Tourmaline BC to the aquariumbodem by the ADA Power Sand to distribute, before the aquarium.

ADA Tourmaline BC
Contents: 100 g (=+/- 50 scoops)

doseeradvies 60cm aquarium
90cm aquarium 120cm aquarium
150cm aquarium 180cm aquarium
10 scoops (20 g) 50 scoops (100 g) 75 scoops (150 g) 100 scoops (200 g) 150 scoops (300 g)
100 g packaging:
5 layouts 1 layouts
0,75 layouts
0,5 layouts
0,3 layouts

Preferably cool and dark place. Unlimited shelf life.

About the ADA substrate additives
The ADA substrate additives are designed to prevent the growth of aquarium plants to improve and to help maintain a healthy biological balance in the aquarium. The substrate additions across the bottom of the aquarium to be sprinkled. Even before you start with the aquarium or the substrate changes.
They keep the conditions in the substrate are in good condition and promote the growth and spread of micro-organisms. In addition, they will ensure that the plant roots themselves can fully develop and nutrients. Using the additives the substrate is to actively contribute to the improvement of the water quality in your aquarium. The water is clearer, and in the soil will be beneficial bacteria to ensure that biological processes as optimal as possible can be processed. This makes it possible to your aquascape for a long time in perfect condition!

View the brochure of the ADA Substrate System in PDF: A series of leaflet, Substrate


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Data sheet

Tourmaline BC
Article number:
ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
100 grams
incl. measuring spoon


ADA Substrate System Booklet.pdf

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ADA Tourmaline BC

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By on  17 Aug. 2022 (ADA Tourmaline BC) :

Tourmaline BC

Addictif de très bonne qualité et qui fonctionne très bien pour le démarrage d'un aquarium.

By on  31 Aug. 2020 (ADA Tourmaline BC) :

ADA Tourmaline BC

top spul extra voedingstoffen voor onder je voedingsbodem ????

By on  18 July 2018 (ADA Tourmaline BC) :


Tja wat moet je hier van zeggen, nog geen ervaring mee maar wat ik er over gelezen heb is dit een van de drie toevoegingen voor onder de soil. Sympathieke en kundige eigenaar.
Goede service en "response".
Altijd weer.

By on  16 March 2018 (ADA Tourmaline BC) :

Bij opstart.

Ik heb Tourmaline BC gebruikt onder de aquasoil bij opstart, zoals voorgeschreven. Natuurlijk moeilijk te controleren, maar mijn bak staat er prima bij, en als het goed is voor Amano ...