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The aquarium substrate is the foundation of a healthy aquarium. A good circulation and supply of nutrients, oxygen, high bacterial activity for biological balance, providing optimal conditions for the roots of aquarium plants etc. It is important to provide the best possible circumstances by the use of additves and ensure maximum health, clarity and plant growth, also for the long term!

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  • ADA Bacter 100

    ADA Bacter 100 contains more than 100 different types of bacteria and micro-organisms which help to stabilize the biological balance in the aquarium. It can be added to the soil at the start of the aquarium, but can also directly in the water to be added.

    Content: 100g

  • ADA Bacter Ball

    ADA Bacter Ball is a substrate additive made from Bacter 100 in balvorm. This can be in the substrate or in the filter will be added.

    Content: 18 pieces

  • ADA Clear Super

    With the addition of ADA Clear Super, the water quality of the aquarium is improved and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium bottom. Clear Super is a highly refined activated carbon powder mixed with several nutrients that the growth of nitrifying bacteria to promote.

    Contents: 50 grams

  • ADA Tourmaline BC

    ADA Tourmaline BC is a composition of iron, aluminium, sodium, boron, lithium and magnesium which are gradually dissolved and the water is enriched with important elements.

    Contents: 100 grams

  • Iron Bottom
    from €22.90

    ADA Iron Bottom sticks can easily in the aquarium substrate are applied to aquarium plants with iron to fertilize. Iron is especially for red aquarium plants important, but is also used in the formation of chloroplasts. Without adding iron be leaves yellow and will aquarium plants worse grow.

    Contents: 30 pieces
    Normal (25mm) or long (50mm)

  • ADA Bottom Plus

    This is the successor of the successful Iron Bottom and Multi Bottom. Enriched with iron and nitrogen. In the aquariumsubstraat, these substances can become exhausted after a period of time, because plants these substances will use. Leaves of plants that supply with their roots from the soil, more beautiful colors.

    Contents: 25 pieces

  • Mironekuton Powder

    Mironekuton is an original Japanese and 100% natural mineraalpoeder, without other additions. It is exceptionally rich in minerals and sportenelementen (more than 66 different). Due to its variety of positive properties it is very popular with Japanese shrimp breeders and plant aquarium enthusiasts.

    Content: 150 grams (glass bottle) or 300 grams (Plastic bag)

  • Tropica Nutrition Capsules

    Tropica Nutrition Capsules is an extra nutrient supplement for aquarium plants. Insert the capsules with a pair of tweezers at the roots of fast growing plants to provide extra nutrients.

    Content: 10 capsules

  • MasterLine Root Caps

    MasterLine Root Caps are capsules for the soil. There they will slowly release the important nutrients that plants need, right at their roots. The root system will develop better, resulting in a more robust plant growth with more intense colors. In more difficult plant species, the benefit is significant for healthy development.

    Content: 125 capsules