ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
  • ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 9L Powder - aquarium substrate

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder


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A aquariumbodem of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia is the best substrate for a planted aquarium and offers optimum conditions for the growth and development of aquarium plants!

Contents: 3 or 9L
Powder Type (1mm)

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Aqua Soil Amazonia
Aqua Soil Amazonia

ADA Aqua Soil, the ultimate basis for any planted aquarium

ADA Aqua Soil is the ideal substrate for a healthy aquarium, with healthy plants. For healthy growth and development of aquarium plants is the substrate is of great importance. Since 1996, this organic substrate, without chemical additives, have been further developed and is ADA Aqua Soil for many years the standard substrate for the planted aquarium!

The main positive features at a glance:

- Made of 100% natural, organic material
- Contains organic nutrients
- Reduced the hardness
- Reduced the pH-value
- Improves the brightness
- Promotes the movement of water in the soil
- Stimulates the development of plant roots
Beads keep their shape, even after a long period of time
- Slibt not close
- Housing for bacteria and micro-organisms
- Save voedingsreserves
Beads have scratches not the glass
- improved results of bv Crystal Red shrimp

More information about the properties of ADA Aqua Soil:

The advantage of the shape and weight of ADA Aqua Soil:
By the shape of the beads may et aquarium water can occur through the substrate to move. This allows oxygen and nutrients deep in the soil to penetrate. This promotes the activity of the soil and hence the biological balance. Together with the oxygen is the liquid plant food better along the roots fed. Because the substrate is airy and the grains are light, hear the roots have less resistance in their development. Also in a substraathoogte of 20cm, there remains flow as possible, without this layer, due to the weight inklinkt and built up with sediment. A good root system gives the aquariumplant more resistance and this is growing stronger!

The advantage of the structure of ADA Aqua Soil:
The concept is to provide an ideal environment for the bacteria, because these many important processes in the aquarium to control, and the aquarium healthy. A biologically active soil contributes to a balanced ecosystem for the planted aquarium. The way in which the grains of ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia is produced, provides a large surface area for housing bacteria. By the form is supply of oxygen for the bacteria optimum.

The advantage of the composition of ADA Aqua Soil:
The ADA Aqua Soil substrate is composed of organic material which contains the properties to the hardness and the pH of the water (in the soil) to reduce, to a level where most of the aquarium plants their nutrients optimally. The ADA Aqua Soil contains organic humic acids and nutrients that aquarium plants help their growth. Also, it has the property, like clay, to nutrients to be able to store and release as soon as the aquarium plants. Existing colloid particles capture dirt on what's in the water, floating, without the use of chemical additives. This improves the clarity of the water! Not only can aquarium plants their nutrients, but this substrate is also particularly suitable for the keeping and breeding of prawns.

The advantage of the use of ADA Aqua Soil:
The granules of ADA Aqua Soil will retain their shape and hardness for a very long time and guarantee a good circulation of water, nutrients and oxygen through the substrate. With the use of ADA Aqua Soil, growing difficult plants such as Tonina sp. better and also for fish that prefer soft, acidic water is the ideal. For aquarium plants with fine roots, such as Hemianthus, Micranthemum, and Glossostigma can be a layer of ADA Aqua Soil Powder Type to be made. In smaller tanks, can the Powder Type be applied without Normal Type. Aquarium plants are extremely easy planting in ADA Aqua Soil and find fast guidance. The best one uses an aquascape tweezers to the aquarium plants in the substrate, so that there is as little as possible, shift takes place.

The difference between ADA Aqua Soil-Amazonia, Africana and Malaya:

The dark color of the substrate gives a natural and attractive character to your aquarium. This is inspired by the Amazon rainforest with the associated color and properties of a soil.
It has a high share of organic nutrients and Nitrogen(N). Of the three types of Soils to grow aquarium plants the best. Stengelplanten will find it easy to diet.

The red colour of ADA Aqua Soil Africana is inspired by the areas in Africa with red laterite soils. The aquascape gets a exotic appearance, and stains well with, for example, Dragon Stones.
The amount of organic nutrients and Nitrogen(N) are slightly lower than Amazonia and plants grow slightly less fast. Africana also has a pH lowering effect, but is less strong than in Amazonia. This type is suitable for beginners, or when a slightly slower plant growth is desired.

The yellow colour of ADA Aqua Soil Malaya has an atmosphere of South-east Asia. By the ochre-like colour of the aquascape this is a very unique character. The pH-lowering effect is the strongest of the three, but in terms of nutrients, it contains just a little less. This makes this type particularly suitable for layouts with rozetplanten such as Cryptocoryne species and other plants with a strong root system. These plants can be effectively bijgemest with Iron Bottom or Multi Bottom sticks.

Get the maximum from the aquarium bottom layer:

When in the aquascape uses of aquarium plants, where the roots will extend far (such as Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species), the application of a layer of ADA Power Sand if the soil is a big advantage the development of this aquarium plant. ADA Power Sand has the advantage that the nutrients it contains. In addition, the coarse, porous structure, water circulation, better still, take place in the lower soil layer. This is favourable for the colonization and development of micro-organisms. This is plant growth and the biological balance is encouraged. For the very best results for the planted aquarium, use can be made of the full ADA substrate system. Thanks to this system, the soil conditions are still further improved, such as better development of plant roots, absorption of nutrients, microbial activity, binding of dirt particles, clearer water, etc.

The build-up for the aquariumbodem looks as follows:

- ADA Penac W
- ADA Penac P
- ADA Bacter 100
- ADA Clear Super
- ADA Tourmaline BC
- ADA Power Sand
- ADA Aqua Soil Normal
- ADA Aqua Soil Powder

Advice for the use of ADA Aqua Soil:

Read for the use of ADA Aqua Soil first the instructions. This includes, for example, to read that ADA Aqua Soil is not rinsed/washed out to be. ADA Aqua Soil is in an empty and dry the aquarium made using a Sand Flattener , and/or brush in model. (In addition to the substrate additions , and/or Power Sand.) Then follows the installation of the Hardscape. Carefully can now, optionally, a layer of Powder type can be made and distributed with a brush.
Before the planting is made is advisable to have the Soil well wet with a spray bottle. The grains will suck itself full of water, and later not float. Also will the planting is easier to deal with. Always use a suitable aquascape tweezers! After planting, the plants can be covered with damp paper towels and can the aquarium be gently filled with water. Note that the water is not too hard flow, causing soil and the newly introduced plants release hit!
The Aqua Soil is loaded with nutrients which in the beginning can cause nitrite spikes. Bring only animals if it is safe!! Also be careful with fish such as Corydoras and Apistogramma species that the substrate together may toss. For the wrong use or damage we are not responsible, and the use of ADA Aqua Soil is at your own risk. Many of the participants and champions from the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest choose when decorating the aquarium, not for nothing ADA Aqua Soil and this should also go the best soil for the planted aquarium!

IMPORTANT: Water changes in the start-up phase:
1st week: Every day, half of the water change
2nd week: Every 2 days half water change
3rd week: Every 3 days half water change
4th week: Start to reduce every week, 10-50% water change.

In the video below it is well explained how the ADA Aqua Soil can be used.
Look for more information about the application of ADA Aqua Soil on our Youtube channel: Tips & tics



L x D (cm)
required number of Gallons for
ca. how many cm soil layer
(??cm at the windshield / ??cm rear)

1 bag of
3 Litre

1 bag of
9 Litre
  6 cm
(4 / 8)
(4 / 10)
8.5 cm
(5 / 12)
(5 / 15)
(5 / 19)
(5 / 23)
 ??cm   ??cm
20 x 20 The 2.4 L
2,8 L 3,4 L 4,0 L 4,8 L 5,6 L 7.5 cm 22.5 cm
30 x 20 3,6 L 4,2 L 4,8 L 6,0 L 7,2 L 8,4 L 5.0 cm 15.0 cm
30 x 30 5,4 L 6,3 L 7,2 L 9,0 L 10,8 L 12,6 L 3.3 cm 10.0 cm
40 x 20 4,8 L 5,6 L 6,9 L 8,0 L 9,6 L 11,2 L 3.8 cm 11.3 cm
45 x 30 8,1 L 9,5 L 10,8 L 13,5 L 16,2 L 18,9 L 2.2 cm 6.7 cm
60 x 30 10,8 L 12,6 L 15,4 L 18,0 L To 21.6 L 25,2 L 1.7 cm 5.0 cm
60 x 45 16,2 L 18,9 L To 21.6 L 27,0 L 32,4 L 37,8 L 1,1 cm 3.3 cm
70 x 40 16,8 L 19,6 L 23,8 L 28,0 L 33,6 L 39,2 L 1,1 cm 3.2 cm
  80 x 35 16,8 L 19,6 L    23.8 L   28.0 L   33,6 L 39,2 L 1,1 cm 3.2 cm
80 x 40 19,2 L Of 22.4 L 27,4 L 32,0 L 38,4 L 44,8 L 0.9 cm 2.8 cm
80 x 50 24,0 L 28,0 L 34,3 L 40,0 L 48,0 L 56,0 L 0.8 cm 2.3 cm
90 x 45 24,9 L 28,4 L 32,4 L 40,5 L 48,6 L 56,7 L 0.7 cm 2.2 cm
100 x 40 24,0 L 28,0 L 34,3 L 40,0 L 48,0 L 56,0 L 0.8 cm 2.3 cm
100 x 50 30,0 L 35,0 L 40,0 L A 50.0 L 60,0 L 70,0 L 0.6 cm 1.8 cm
110 x 40 26,5 L 30,8 L 35,2 L 44,0 L 52,8 L 61,6 L 0.7 cm 2.0 cm
110 x 50 33,0 L 38,5 L 44,0 L 55,0 L 66,0 L 77,0 L 0.5 cm 1.6 cm
120 x 40 28.8 L 33,6 L    40,8 L   48.8 L   57,6 L   67,2 L 0.6 cm 1.9 cm
120 x 50 36,0 L 42,0 L 48,0 L 60,0 L 72,0 L 84,0 L 0.5 cm 1.5 cm
120 x 60 43,2 L 50,4 L 57,6 L 72,0 L 86,4 L 100,8 L 0.4 cm 1.3 cm
130 x 40 31,2 L 36,4 L 41,6 L 52,0 L 62,4 L 72,8 L 0.6 cm 1.7 cm
130 x 50 39,0 L 45,5 L 52,0 L 65,0 L 78,0 L 91,0 L 0.5 cm 1.4 cm
130 x 60 46,8 L 54,6 L 62,4 L 78,0 L 93,6 L 109,2 L 0.4 cm 1.2 cm
150 x 50 45,0 L 52,5 L 60,0 L 75,0 L 90,0 L 105,0 L 0.4 cm 1.2 cm
150 x 60 54,0 L 63,0 L 72,0 L 90,0 L 108,0 L At 126.0 L 0.3 cm 1.0 cm
160 x 50 48,0 L 56,0 L 64,0 L 80,0 L 96,0 L 112,0 L 0.4 cm 1,1 cm
160 x 60 57,6 L 67,2 L 76,8 L 96,0 L 115,2 L 134,4 L 0.3 cm 0.9 cm
180 x 60 64,8 L 75,6 L 92,6 L 86,4 L 108,0 L 129,6 L 0.3 cm 0.8 cm
180 x 70 75,6 L Of 88.2 L 100,8 L At 126.0 L 151,2 L 176,4 L 0.2 cm 0.7 cm
View examples of how much substrate there is need in the aquarium in PDF:

Data sheet

Product type:
ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
Aqua Soil Amazonia
3 or 9 Litres
Grain size
Powder (1-2 mm)
Article number:
multiple options

Specific References



Hoeveel bodemsubtraat

Download (384.94k)

Information Aqua-Soil part1.pdf

Download (382.86k)

ADA Substrate System Booklet.pdf

Download (1016.47k)
By on  09 Dec. 2020 (ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder) :

Powder soil

Als laatste laag aangebracht over de normale soil. Icm de tropica planten erg goede resultaten alle planten slaan goed aan en groeien goed. Na opstarten nieuwe bak erg stabiele waterwaarden. Top

By on  22 Nov. 2020 (ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder) :

Perfecte bovenste laag.

De powder is ideaal als bovenste laag van je substraat, de kleinere korrels zorgen ervoor dat planten er wat makkelijker in vastgezet kunnen worden. Zoals alle ADA producten is het wat prijziger maar het is de beste kwaliteit op de markt.

By on  30 Sept. 2020 (ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder) :


Niet de goedkoopste, maar volgens mij de beste soil die je kan kopen. Het poedertype is perfect voor planten met kleine wortels. Wel enkel gebruiken als een toplaag van maximum 2 cm, omdat het anders te compact wordt.

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