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Product rated : Aqaurio Neo CO2 diffuser extended Aquario heeft denk ik de...

By Dezso K. on 22 Sept. 2021 :

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  • EHEIM classic 1500XL (2260)
    • -10%

    EHEIM classic 1500XL (2260)

    €386.96 -10% €429.95

    For aquariums from 300-1500 Litres

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  • TWINSTAR reactor M9
    • -30%

    TWINSTAR Shrimp

    €104.93 -30% €149.90

    Avoid outages and improve breeding in freshwater shrimp with Twinstar shrimp. TWINSTAR Shrimp sterilizes the water and prevents diseases in freshwater shrimps in a safe and efficient manner.

    Suitable for aquariums:
    MODE 1-2: 40-180 Litre

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  • ADA Keychain Ring
    • -30%

    ADA Keychain Ring

    €24.43 -30% €34.90

    Exclusive keychain of Aqua Design Amano with handy clip and separate elements.

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  • ADA Acrlic Photo Block
    • -30%

    ADA Acrlic Photo Block

    €76.93 -30% €109.90
    ADA's popular, high-transparent acrylic photo blocks that you can enjoy aquarium easily,
    the world's biggest Nature Aquarium - “Forests Underwater” - is added to the series.

    Size: W148mm × D25mm × H105mm
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  • Twinstar Light E Line
    • On sale!
    • -30%

    Twinstar Light E-line II (previous model)

    €90.93 -30% €129.90

    Twinstar Light is a new LED lighting for the aquarium with a full light spectrum. With Twinstar Light, the colors are vivid and intensive and provides optimal brightness for plant growth. The colors of fish are also displayed more beautifully than ever before.

    E-is with fixed acrylic holders
    EA- is with adjustable feet

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