Oak leaves for the aquarium
Oak leaves for the aquarium Oak leaves for the aquarium Oak leaves for the aquarium Oak leaves for the aquarium Oak leaves for the aquarium Oak leaves for the aquarium

Oak leaves

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Oak leaves in the aquarium are ideal for natural decoration in biotope aquariums. The released humic acids and shelters ensure that fish feel comfortable. A first class natural product!

Contents: 25 pieces


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Oak leaves, a premium, natural product!

  • Lowers the pH and KH in a natural way
  • Contains a lot of microscopic food
  • Helps in the prevention of diseases and fungi
  • Provides natural shelter for fish and crustaceans

Eikenbladextract we all know, but why not just the natural product to use? Oak leaves have the property that the pH of the aquarium water in a natural way to reduce, without that there is a strong discoloration of the water occurs. The pH-lowering effect is much less strong in comparison with, for example, elzenproppen.

In the rainforests of the Amazon or the rivers and streams in Asia, fall many dead leaves in the water. The leaves give minerals, including tannic acid, and humic substances to the water, making the pH and the hardness decreases. Oak leaves are a very good tool for this natural conditions to mimic in the aquarium. By the decay of the leaves, the microbiological life stimulated. That provides an improvement on the natural, biological balance!

A layer of leaf litter provides numerous hiding places for fish and shrimp. Fish feel at home among the fallen leaves and especially corydoras and dwarf cichlids like to hide under the leaves and can the results improve. The oak leaves remain in the aquarium for a long time. Plant eating fish or other animals like to eat the oak leaves, and this is also a good diversion on a varied diet.

Also shrimps love it by the presence of many microscopic food what there is to find! Oak leaves also contain substances that aid in the peeling of shrimp and substances which algae happen. The decorative value in biotope aquariums, make this product a highly underestimated natural product!

Contents: 25 pieces

Number to personal preference
(keep at all times the pH of the water in the holes!)

The leaves are dried and sink after 1 to 2 days. This process may be accelerate through the leaves in to soak in hot water. After approx. 2 months worked out, but feel free to continue to lie for the decoration.

* 100% Dried natural product, without additives, use at your own risk, store dry, indefinitely.


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Oak leaves
25 pieces

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