List of products by brand Arka

ARKA Biotechnologie GmbH deals in selling and distributing biological and chemical products for the water treatment in the aquarium market. Our product range includes the brands MICROBE-LIFT® for water treatment. We are the cooperate Office Europe for their aquarium brand MICROBE-LIFT®. MICROBE-LIFT® is a world market leader in the field of water treatment for aquariums, garden ponds and industry.

Active filters

  • Microbe-Lift Aqua-Fix Poly Glue
    Content: 60 gram 300 gram
    Microbe-Lift Aqua-Fix Poly Glue is ideal as an underwater adhesive for the permanent fixing of stone, glass, wood, plastic, PVC, metal and much more. It also hardens quickly underwater and is safe to use in any salt and freshwater aquarium.
  • ARKA myAqua1900
    ARKA myAqua1900 reverse osmosis system uses the power of water pressure and filters up to 99 percent of salts, bacteria and contaminants such as nitrite or phosphate and heavy metals from conventional tap water. The ratio of osmosis water to residual water is only 1:1-1.5. This is how effectively the water is treated to create a safe feel-good atmosphere for marine and freshwater inhabitants.
  • ARKA myAqua1900 Fine filter
    ARKA myAqua1900 Fine filter safely and effectively removes suspended solids such as rust, sand particles and many other types of dirt, making it ideal for use with ARKA myAqua1900.
  • ARKA myAqua1900 Carbon filter C1
    ARKA myAQUA® carbon filter C1 safely and effectively removes odors, discolorations, chlorine, herbicides and pesticides, as well as drug residues, and is ideally suited for use with ARKA myAqua1900.
  • ARKA myAqua1900 Carbon filter C2
    ARKA myAqua1900 Carbon filter C2 serves as a secondary filter and, in combination with the ARKA myAQUA® carbon filter C1, ensures a safe and more effective removal of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and medicine residues. Ideally suited for use with our ARKA myAqua1900.
  • ARKA myAqua1900 Membrane
    ARKA myAqua1900 Membrane safely and effectively removes up to 99% of harmful substances, salts, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria and is suitable for use with ARKA myAqua1900 osmosis system.
  • ARKA myAqua1900 Resin filter
    ARKA myAqua1900 Resin filter resin filter safely and effectively removes even the finest residues of silicate, nitrate and many other dissolved organic & inorganic substances (TDS) and is ideally suited as an extension to ARKA myAqua1900.
  • ARKA TDS/EC Meter
    ARKA myAQUA® TDS/EC pen enables fast and accurate determination of total dissolved solids (TDS), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature of water.
  • ARKA pH meter
    ARKA myAQUA® pH meter enables fast and accurate determination of the pH value of water and other liquids. It is ideally suited for use in any aquarium, pond, swimming pool and for osmosis and drinking water.