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  • DOOA Tropical River Sand

    DOOA Tropical River Sand is a beautiful type of sand with a natural look. There is a difference in size and a slight color difference between all grains, creating a playful effect. The grains are relatively large for sand. This allows water to move freely through it and dirt particles can also sink through it.

    Content: 2.5 kg

  • DOOA CO2 System Kit
    CO2 system kit contains all parts to provide an aquarium with CO2. Easy to connect and set up. With the included Metal Hook it can be hung on the edge of the aquarium.
  • DOOA Neo Glass Cover (15x15cm)
    This Cover is the ideal accessory for a DOO Neo Glass Air with 15x15cm surface. When caring for aquatic or tropical plants, it is important not to let them dry out. By using this cover, the moisture content is preserved.
  • DOOA WABI-KUSA Pendant
    Size: S M L
    This pendant offers the possibility to hang a Wabi-kusa ball on the edge of an aquarium. Create a spatial effect or let aquarium plants grow just above the water in their emersed form.

    DOOA WABI-KUSA Hanger is made of stainless steel and is available in 3 different sizes: S (h=30mm), M (h=90mm), L (=170mm)
  • DOOA CO2 Mini Counter

  • DOOA SOL Stand G mounting piece
    Acrylic fastener to hold a DOOA Sol Stand G in place when fitted to a DOOA System Terra 30 or System Aqua 30.
  • DOOA Protector F
    This optional accessory prevents fish from jumping out of a DOOA System Terra 30 or DOOA System Aqua 30. Made of acrylic. Length 28.5 cm.
  • DOOA Wabi kusa mat (6pcs)

    Wabi kusa mats are to be used as a replacement for the existing mats in the Terra System 30, or Wabi Kusa Wall in the 60's. The mats are made of a spongy material, where the moss and the epiphytische plant to be fixed to be enhanced.

    Package contents: 6 pieces
    Size: 90x90x15mm

  • DOOA Terra Base
    Size: S M L

    DOOA Terra Base is a unique product for the small orchids, ferns, and mosses grow in a way that is similar to their natural environment. One might think of overgrown, fallen trees in the forest.

  • Glass Pot MARU
  • DOOA Aqua Clean AC
  • DOOA WABI-KUSA Wall 60
  • DOOA Mizukusa Mist Wall 60
  • DOOA Mizukusa Miss the Wall Stand, 60
    Use DOOA Mizukusa, Wall Stand, 60 to be of a Mizukusa Wall 60 in a 60 cm aquarium is to be confirmed. For example, in conjunction with the DOOA, Neo, Glass, Terra (H23), the ADA 60-P, 60-F
  • DOOA CO2 Count Diffuser

  • DOOA Stream Pipe ORB
    Type: P-1 P-2

  • DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser J
  • DOOA Different-diameter pipe
    This transparent acrylic adapter with a diameter Ø10/Ø13 makes it possible to connect 12/16mm hose to 9/12mm hose.
  • DOOA-Jungle, Base 1
  • DOOA Suction cup clip (2pcs./set)
    Handy suction cup with clip to clamp a tube of Ø13mm. Ideal as an aid for lily pipes and filter hoses.

    Set of 2 pieces
  • DOOA Jungle Soil 3L
  • DOOA, Terra Plata
  • DOOA Terra's Plate and Hook