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List of products by brand Hobby

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  • Hobby Aqua cooler
    Type: V2 V4 V6

    The Hobby Aqua Cooler provides cooling for the tank. The Aqua Cooler is easy to install. With the help of the terminals of the fan to the glass cover with a thickness up to 25 mm can be attached. The unit has a 55° tilt.

    Available in V2, V4 or V6

  • Hobby Aqua Cooler Control

    Aqua Cooler Control, making it possible for the water to cool to the set temperature. The built-in sensor measures the aquariumtemperatuur, and displays it on the digital display to 1° C accuracy. Use the Cool-Control with the Hobby Aqua Cooler.

  • Hobby Turfplaten (3pcs.)
    Turfblokken in the tank when the lower layer is used in order to cover it with gravel. Due to turf occurs as a slight acidification of the soil with a lower pH value.

    Pack of 3 sheets
  • Hobby Hygro-Plus nebulizer
    Hobby Hygro-Plus nebulizer is ideal for increasing the humidity of the air and soil substrate in the terrarium. It can be used to protect the animals against dehydration and to cover their fluid needs. The humidity in a terrarium can also be increased, so that plants can grow better. Water is sprayed as a real mist using ultrasonic technology. At a water level lower than 45mm, the fog machine switches off automatically.