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List of products by brand Prodibio

  • Prodibio Bacter Kit Soil 6 ampoules
    • New

    Prodibio Bacteria Kit Soil

    Prodibio Bacter Kit Soil combines 2 products. Product 1 ensures that the right bacteria end up in the soil. Product 2 are special nutrients that ensure that these bacteria quickly settle and multiply. This initiates an optimal biological filtration in the soil.

    Available in: 6, 12 or 30 ampoules
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  • Prodibio BioDigest 6 ampoules
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    Prodibio Bio Digest

    BioDigest are live bacteria for biological filtering. It is effective in freshwater and saltwater aquarium. The concentrated bacterial solution biologically filters and eliminates aquarium pollution.

    Available in 6, 12 or 30 ampoules
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  • Prodibio BioClean Fresh Nano 4 ampoules
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    Prodibio BioClean Fresh


    Prodibio BioClean Fresh is a maintenance kit for the freshwater aquarium. Live, purifying bacteria from BioDigest are added and the micronutrients from BioTrace ensure optimal development of the bacterial cultures. Together, this effectively provides a biologically purifying result for the aquarium.

    Available in: 4 nano ampoules, 6 ampoules or 30 ampoules

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  • Prodibio BioTrace 6 ampoules
    • New

    Prodibio BioTrace

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    Prodibio Start Up

    Start up combines Stop Ammo and BioDigest start in 1 package. With this pack, biological filtration is initiated and fish can be introduced within a few hours.

    Available in: Nano 2, Nano 4, 6, 12 or 30 ampoules
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