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List of products by brand Schego


SCHEGO Schemel & Goetz Elektrogerätebau in Offenbach am Main was founded in 1949 by Fritz Schemel and Kurt Goetz. Initially, the company focused exclusively on making products for aquariums and soon SCHEGO was among the leading manufacturers of aquarium heaters and air pumps.

Over the years, our products, which are still made in Offenbach, have been used not only in aquariums, but also in many other areas, especially in connection with medical, biomedical and hospital equipment and for instrumentation and control applications. In addition, we have continuously expanded the range of products for garden ponds in recent years.

The use of high-quality materials and compliance with exacting production standards guarantee that SCHEGO products are always of the highest quality - just as expected from products 'Made in Germany' - a fact that is especially important for foreign sales, as 50% of the production of our company is exported to countries all over the world.

We attach great importance to sustainability. All components of our durable products are always available as spare parts for decades.

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  • Schego Titanium Heater
    Type: 50 Watt 75 Watt 100 Watt 150 Watt 200 Watt 250 Watt 300 Watt 600 Watt

    Schego heating elements are made of high-quality titanium tube and are therefore virtually indestructible and seawater resistant. Titanium is one of the best heat conductors and transfers heat to the aquarium more efficiently than standard glass heating elements.

    Select the desired version.

  • Schego Thermostat TR2

    If it is desired to maintain a set temperature in the aquarium, a Schego Thermostat is a solution. This allows a heating element of up to 2000 Watt to be switched. Due to its simple operation, this device is suitable for both hobby aquarists and professionals.

  • Schego sensor cable
    Length: 2 m 5 m

    Schego sensor cable for Schego TRD.

    NOTE: Not suitable for TRD2

    Available in 2 meters or 5 meters

  • Schego suction cups 25mm

    Schego suction cups to replace the suction cups on the Titanium Heater.
    2 pieces.

    Diameter: 25mm

  • Schego Check Valve (Set of 2 pieces)
    Schego check valve to prevent water from flowing back into the air pump. For extra security, 2 check valves could even be installed and they would have to be replaced annually.

    Packed per 2 pieces