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List of products by brand Schego

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  • Schego a suction of up to 25

    Schego suction cups replacement suction cups for the Titanium Heater.
    2 pieces or more.

    Diameter: 25 mm

  • Schego cable

    Schego cable for the Schego disaster relief.

    CAUTION: Does not fit on TRD2

    They are available in 2-metre or 5-metre

  • Schego Check valve (Set of 2 pieces)
    Schego non-return valve to prevent water from flowing back into the air pump. For extra security, even 2 check valves could be installed and they should be replaced annually.

    Packed per 2 pieces
  • Schego Thermostat TR2

    When it is desired to maintain a set temperature in the aquarium, a Schego Thermostat is the solution. This allows a heating element up to 2000 Watt to be switched. Due to its simple operation, this device is suitable for both the hobby aquarist and professional.

  • Schego Titanium Heater

    Schego heaters are made of high quality titanium tubing and are, therefore, virtually unbreakable and sea water resistant. Titanium has been one of the best warmtegeleiders, and provides heat in an efficient manner, the aquarium standard glass heaters.

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