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  • Shirakura Ebi Dama
    Content: 30 gram 80 gram

    Shirakura Ebi Dama is a food supplement for shrimps and crustaceans, vegetable-based. It has a high proportion of amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals and is good for health, growth, colors, and breeding of these animals.

    Contents: 30 or 80 grams

  • Shirakura Chi Ebi

    Shirakura Chi Ebi rearing feed is a mix specially designed for baby shrimps with lots of important ingredients. Tailored to the needs of baby shrimp during the first weeks of their lives, and promotes healthy development.

    Contents: 20 grams

  • Shirakura Mineral Stones

    Shirakura Mineral Stones is an intumescent mineral stone consisting of Montmorillonite. This enriches the water with important minerals and serves as natural ion exchanger for the water to clean. Because of this property, it can poisonous substances such as ammonium/ammoniac and heavy metals ligeren for a longer period and store it securely.

    Content: 5-7 pieces, approx. 200 grams

  • Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+

    Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ adds vital minerals to the aquarium water, and increased the overall hardness (GH). When use is made of very soft water can easily be a lack of minerals arise. This can result in shrimp lose their color or get in trouble at molting.

    Content: 100 ml (plastic bottle)

  • Shirakura White Mineral Powder
    Type: Glazen pot (8 gr) Navulling (10 gr)

    Shirakura White Mineral Powder is a water improver, consisting of various components. It serves to improve the health and colors of shrimp.

    Choice of 2 versions:
    Glass jar (8 grams)
    Refill (10 grams)