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CAL Nano Clip CO2 Checker - CO2 measured in the aquarium
CAL Nano Clip CO2 Checker - CO2 measured in the aquarium

CAL CLIP nano CO2 Checker

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With this CAL Nano Clip CO2 Checker is very easy to get the CO2 content of the aquarium water to review. By the glassware with the special liquid to fill, and on the edge of an open aquarium to hang out, the CO2 content in the aquarium can be read. Because of the small size, it is ideal for a small aquarium up to 60cm!

- 15ml indicator solution (4dKH)


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CAL CLIP nano CO2 Checker

Having an accurate CO2 content is essential in a planted aquarium. Too much CO2 is harmful for fish, too little CO2 inhibits plant growth, and works the growth of algae in the hand. With the CAL Nano Clip CO2 Checker is the CO2 content in the aquarium to read. The liquid in the Clip Checker changes color when the CO2 content changes. This makes it much easier to determine the amount of CO2 in the aquarium should be added.

The Clip Checker can on the edge of an open aquarium to be hung and is easy to move. This provides more opportunities for easy to the CO2 content in multiple places in the aquarium. Thanks to its small size, most of which is outside of the aquarium depends, there is even less technology in the aquarium visible. In addition, there can be no algae in the area with the liquid. There use can be made of, for example, a white paper behind the Clip Checker to keep, so the measurement can be accurately assessed. A very versatile instrument!

Perfect for aquariums up to approx 60cm

Height: 50mm
Width: 20mm
Depth: 35mm
Indompeldiepte: 25mm
Maximum glass thickness aquarium: 10 mm

- 15ml indicator solution (4dKH)

Cal Aqua Labs glass products in an artistic manner with the hand blown. Each piece is unique. There is exclusive use of laboratoriumkwaliteit, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability and brightness!


Data sheet

Product type:
CO2 Checker
Nano Clip CO2 Checker
Article number:
Cal Aqua Labs
35 mm
20 mm
50 mm
Glass thickness:
max is 9 mm
15 ml of indicator fluid

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