ADA CO2 Drop Checker
ADA CO2 Drop Checker ADA CO2 Drop Checker ADA CO2 Drop Checker ADA CO2 Drop Checker ADA CO2 Drop Checker

ADA CO2 Drop Checker

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With this ADA CO2 Drop Checker is very easy to get the CO2 content of the aquarium water to review. By the glassware with the special liquid to fill, and against the pane of the glass to hang, can continue to be considered whether there is sufficient CO2 in the aquarium.

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ADA CO2 Drop Checker measures the CO2 content

In order to grow aquarium plants CO2 is needed. The ADA CO2 Drop Checker is a CO2 continutest to the CO2 content in the aquarium water to determine. The liquid in the Drop Checker changes color when the CO2 content changes. So, it becomes much easier to determine the amount of CO2 in the aquarium should be added.

The ADA CO2 Drop Checker has an elegant shape and it is a useful product to the amount of CO2 fertilisation.


Properties ADA CO2 Drop Checker


5ml pH of liquid / reagent (ca. 100 refills)
1x Suction cup
1x doseerspuitje
pH color chart
Content fluid compartment:ca. 2 ml

User manual

Use 1 drop of liquid into the opening of spherical shape, and let it down. With the Drop Checker on its head the ball to the half to be supplemented with aquarium water. Turn the Drop Checker carefully in order to prevent that liquid back. The CO2 Drop Checker into the aquarium. A good indication is obtained, the CO2 Drop Checker is not above a CO2 diffuser or other technique placed.

Watch the video below for the correct connection of the ADA Drop Checker:


Read for the use of this product, carefully read the operating instructions. (see "download")

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Data sheet

CO2 Drop Checker
Article number:
ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
5ml pH of liquid / reagent, Suction cup, doseerspuitje, pH color chart


CO2 Drop Checker (manual.pdf)

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