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Product rated : CO2 bottle refillable Kwam goed verpakt binnen en...

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Product rated : Crystal Red Shrimp AS

CO2 Diffusers

The small bubbles that a CO2 diffuser produces, have a large contact area. The CO2 diffusor ensures that the added CO2 in the optimal water to dissolve, and in the aquarium spreads. In an aquarium with CO2 fertilization to grow aquarium plants many times better!

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  • Brand: Aquario
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    Aqaurio Neo CO2 diffuser extended

    Aqaurio Neo CO2 diffuser extended is made of a special type of plastic with an extra long tube that can be bent to the desired height. This makes it possible to adjust it perfectly at a height that suits the aquarium. With other CO2 diffusers, the CO2 hose is often placed in the aquarium. That does not happen with this extended CO2 diffuser, because the connection to the hose is outside the aquarium.

    Available in size: S, M and L
    Length: 390mm
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