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CO2 products

Adding CO2 to the aquarium will help to better grow aquariumplants. Next to light, plants need sufficient levels of CO2 for photosyntheses. We offer a wide range of CO2 products for adding CO2 to your aquarium. It will help lower the pH levels of the water and is practicly indispensable in a densely planted aquarium.


  • CO2 systems

    A good CO2 system and adding free available CO2 to the aquarium, besides a good fertilization, plays an important role to the growth of the plants in the aquarium. By adding CO2 to the aquarium the pH of the water lowers and makes it acidic, just as most plants and fish love it.

  • CO2 Diffusers

    The small bubbles that a CO2 diffuser produces, have a large contact area. The CO2 diffusor ensures that the added CO2 in the optimal water to dissolve, and in the aquarium spreads. In an aquarium with CO2 fertilization to grow aquarium plants many times better!

  • CO2 bubble counters

    With the use of a CO2 bubble counter it is very easy to see and adjust the amount of CO2 that is dosed to the aquarium. Adding the right amount is essential for a healthy plant growth in the aquarium. Too much CO2 in the aquarium can be harmful for the fish. Too less is bad for plant growth.

  • CO2 checkers
    Having the right CO2 content is essential in a planted aquarium. Too much CO2 is harmful to fish, too little CO2 inhibits plant growth. The CO2 content in the aquarium can be measured with a CO2 Checker. The liquid in this Drop Checker changes color as the CO2 content changes.
  • CO2 toebehoren

    Adding CO2 to the aquarium can be complicated, but with the right accessories it becomes relatively easy. Also when you need to attach multiple aquariums to one system, you can find everything you need here.

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