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CO2 for Quooker
CO2 for Quooker

CO2 for Quooker

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Cheaper CO2 for your Quooker? Use our pressure regulator and refillable CO2 bottles.
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Must-have accessoires

CO2 fles

CO2 regulator

CO2 for Quooker

Use our CO2 pressure regulator on a refillable bottle and connect it to the same hose as the Quooker.

Points of attention:
- Never set the working pressure higher than 4 bar (check in the Quooker regulations)
- Always use pressure-resistant CO2 hose
- Always use the bottle upright

How to connect CO2 for Quooker

1. Disconnect the existing hose from the Quooker by popping out the blue retaining ring with a screwdriver. Then push in the white coupling piece so that the hose can be pulled out.
2. Place the CO2 pressure regulator on the refillable CO2 bottle and tighten it properly (preferably with a wrench for CO2 pressure regulator)
3. Connect the CO2 pressure hose to the nipple of the CO2 pressure regulator and push the other end into the white coupling piece on the Quooker
4. Open the large black knob a few turns. Open the CO2 bottle. By opening the metal fine adjustment screw, the CO2 quantity can be dosed.
A working pressure of 3.5 bar would be a good guideline. The adjusting screw can be adjusted at your own discretion for more or less CO2.
5. Always check the connections with soapy water for leaks (important!)

Quooker CO2 conversion hose connection

Refillable CO2 bottle features

The pressure cylinder is manufactured according to European standard P0685 and has an external screw thread M21.8 x 1/4" according to European standard DIN 477. This means that these bottles are suitable for all common European pressure regulators in combination with external screw thread. The steel bottles also have a built-in pressure relief valve for maximum safety.

CAUTION: Only use the bottle in an upright position! Make sure the bottle cannot fall over!
The CO2 bottle 500 grams has a round bottom and cannot stand upright on its own. This can, for example, be hung on the carrying handle.

Bottle comes filled!

Item Content weight
Content Liters Height Diameter
CO2 bottle 500 grams 500 grams 0.67 L approx. 45 cm approx. 5cm
CO2 bottle 2kg 2kg 2.67 L approx. 49 cm approx. 12 cm
CO2 bottle 6 kg 6kg 8.0 L approx. 55 cm approx. 19 cm
CO2 bottle 10 kg 10kg 13.4 L approx. 69 cm approx. 21 cm

Azqua's tip:

Do you not like the gray color of the CO2 bottle? Roll a piece of wallpaper or heavy paper around it. Wallpaper is available in many designs. Or try a stocking or tights.

CO2 bottle filled with carbon dioxide suitable for consumer use. (CO2 type EWG-NO. 204-696-9)

CO2 bottle empty? Look here for the possibilities to have the bottle refilled: ( link )


Data sheet

Complete CO2 system

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