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Complete CO2 system - CO2 fertilization for the aquarium
Complete CO2 system - CO2 fertilization for the aquarium

Compile a CO2 system

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Put together a complete CO2 set with all the necessities to add CO2 to the aquarium without worry. CO2 is the most important food source for aquarium plants. A good CO2 system is therefore a worthwhile investment for your aquarium.

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Inexpensive complete CO2 system

An inexpensive CO2 system for an aquarium where beautiful plant growth is desired. CO2 fertilization is almost indispensable in a fully planted aquarium with more difficult species. CO2 is the most important food source for aquarium plants. Plants grow much better when CO2 is added to the aquarium. This complete CO2 set is specially composed by us with top-quality products. Easy to use and a sustainable step towards better plant growth!

Suitable for an aquarium from 0 to ??? Liter. The limiting factor is the CO2 diffuser. This must have sufficient capacity to dissolve the CO2 in the water. With the optional CO2 diffuser bowl 30, this CO2 set is suitable for an aquarium up to approx. 200 liters, for example. Do you have a larger aquarium? Then the inline CO2 atomizer is a better choice or choose a different diffuser on the CO2 diffuser page.


Complete CO2 set with everything you need to add CO2 to an aquarium. Adding CO2 without fuss and easy for everyone to connect.

Compile a complete CO2 Set

Basic parts:
- CO2 Pressure regulator
- CO2 Hose set
- CO2 Bottle Refillable (500 grams, 2 kg, 6 kg or 10 kg)
- CO2 Solenoid valve

Choose optionally from an example:
- CO2 Diffuser Bowl (tip)
- CO2 Bubble counter Spiral (tip)

Includes description to easily connect the Co2 system (see also downloads)

More information about the accessories

CO2 pressure regulator with pressure gauges and fine tuning

The supplied CO2 pressure regulator has 2 pressure gauges. The cylinder pressure can be read on one to see how full the bottle is still, on the other meter the working pressure can be read. With the needle / dosing valve it can be set very precisely and a precise amount of CO2 can be dosed to the aquarium. The pressure regulator is also protected against overpressure. The CO2 pressure regulator fits almost all refillable CO2 bottles with an external thread and has a so-called DIN 477 screw thread (European standard).

CO2 Solenoid valve for night shut-off

The CO2 solenoid valve can be connected to the system on a timer. For example, the CO2 system can be turned off at night. The CO2 solenoid valve can also be connected to a PH controller for use in combination with a PH controlled CO2 system.

CO2 bottle

The supplied CO2 bottle is full and refillable. Equipped with carrying handle. The 2kg CO2 bottle can be placed upright. The 500 gram bottle has a round bottom, but can be hung on the carrying handle, for example. (CO2 type EWG-NO. 204-696-9)

CO2 bottle Dimensions (Hx⌀)
Aquarium content Consumption 60 L aquarium *
Consumption 300 L aquarium *
0.5 kg approx. 45 x 5 cm <60 L. ~ 10 months ~ 2-3 months
2 kg approx. 49 x 12 cm > 60 L. ~ 40 months ~ 8-12 months

* Estimated consumption is highly dependent on various factors. Actual consumption can vary greatly.

CO2 hoses and non-return valve

For the connection between the pressure regulator and the solenoid valve, high-quality black CO2 Pressure Hose per meter (max. 20 bar) included. For the connection of the solenoid valve to the ADA CO2 check valve and CO2 diffuser, a CO2 Hose (Flexible) Per M (max. 2 bar) is included. The high-quality ADA CO2 Check Valve prevents water from siphoning to the solenoid valve and pressure regulator.

CO2 Diffuser

The CO2 diffuser determines whether sufficient CO2 can be dissolved in the water. The CO2 Diffusor Bowl 30 is for example suitable for an aquarium of 80-200 liters. If the aquarium is larger, a larger effervescent surface is required or, for example, the inline CO2 atomizer. Or choose another CO2 diffuser from the range: CO2 diffusers .

CO2 bubble counter

The CO2 bubble counter is a useful product to see how much CO2 is now being added to the aquarium. It helps adjust the dosage. This can be in combination with measuring the pH or looking at the color of the CO2 checker (optional). With a CO2 bubble counter regular , the number of bubbles can be counted up to approx. 4 per second. The CO2 bubble counter Spiral. This makes it easier to count a higher number of bubbles per second. Exactly how many bubbles are needed for the aquarium depends on various factors such as water volume, lighting, water parameters, amount of plants, etc. A reasonable starting point is 1 bubble per second per 50 liters of water volume, but as stated above, it will strongly depend on the situation.

CO2 bottle empty? Look here for the possibilities to have the bottle refilled: ( link )

Read here: everything about adding CO2 to the aquarium

Data sheet

Complete CO2 system
Article number:
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CO2 bottle, CO2 pressure regulator, CO2 solenoid valve, 2m flexible CO2 hose, 1m CO2 pressure hose, CO2 check valve


CO2 systeem aansluiten.pdf

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