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The CO2 disposal system to build
The CO2 disposal system to build

The CO2 disposal system to build

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A Complete CO2 set to build all the necessities for stress-free, CO2 is added to the tank. CO2 is the most important source of nutrition for aquarium plants. A good CO2 system is a worthwhile investment for your aquarium.

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Must-have accessoires

CO2 solenoid

CO2 tube connection set

CO2 bubble counter

Inexpensive CO2 system for a disposable CO2 bottles

A low-cost CO2 system for an aquarium with beautiful plant growth is desired. CO2 fertilization in a volbeplant the aquarium the more difficult species are almost ubiquitous. CO2 is the most important source of nutrition for aquarium plants. The plants will grow much better when CO2 is delivered to the tank. This is a complete CO2 kit is especially designed Azaqua are assembled with top-quality products at an affordable price. Easy-to-use and sustained steps to improve the growth of plants!

Suitable for aquarium size from 0 to ??? Litres of fuel. The limiting factor is the CO2 diffuser. That should be enough capacity for the amount of CO2 in the water. With the optional CO2 diffuser bowl of the 30's, this CO2 is set to, for example, is suitable for aquarium size up to approx. A 200-litre capacity. Do you have a larger tank with tank mates? It is the inline CO2 atomizer is a better choice, or choose one of the other diffuser to the CO2 diffuser page.


Complete CO2 kit with all the materials needed for the CO2 to be added to the tank. Of CO2 to be added without too much hassle, and easy for anyone to join in.

A complete CO2 System bottles-compiling

Core components:
- CO2 regulator for wegewerpflessen
- CO2 hose set
- CO2 wegwerpfles (500 grams, or 1000 grams
- The CO2 solenoid valve

Choose the optional, for example:
- CO2 diffuser Bowl, 30 (note)
- CO2 bubble counter shopping bag (tip)


For more information on the accessories

CO2 pressure reducer with manometer and fine-tuning

The pressure reducing valve is designed for use with the bottles. In order to make the adjustment to keep things simple, it is pre-set to a constant working pressure of 2 bar. The only fine tuning need to be controlled to get the proper CO2 dosage can be adjusted.

CO2 Solenoid valve for nachtafsluiting

The CO2 solenoid valve to the system on a timer, too. For example, the CO2 system at night can be turned off. Also, the CO2 solenoid valve to a PH controller) can be connected for use along with the PH controlled CO2 system.

The CO2 bottle

To take advantage of the ease and convenience of a CO2 wegwerpfles. The CO2 bottle is filled with 500 to about 1100 grams of CO2, and it will be ready for you to use. Very safe to use thanks to the integrated foot, the high pressure resistance of up to 165 bar.

The CO2 bottle Dimensions (H X⌀)
Aquarium of the content Fuel consumption is 60 L of aquarium light
Power consumption is 300 L aquarium*
500 grams approx. 38x8 cm < 60 L ~ 10 months ago ~ 2-3 months
1100 grams approx. 33x11 cm > 60 L ~ 20 months ago ~ 4 to 6 month

* The estimated power consumption is highly dependent on a number of factors. What is the actual power consumption can vary a lot.

The CO2 tubing and a rebound valve

The connection between the pressure regulator and the solenoid valve are high quality black pressure hose (max. 20 bar) included in the delivery. The connection from the solenoid to the ADA CO2 check valve and CO2 diffuser, it is a flexible, transparent, CO2-hose (max. 2 bar) is included. The high quality, EXTRA non-return valve prevents the water from it to the solenoid valve and the pressure regulator, it can can bring.

CO2 Diffuser

The CO2 diffuser, it determines whether there is a sufficient amount of CO2 in the water, it can be solved. In the Bowl of the 30 's, for example, is suitable for an aquarium of 80 to 200 Litres of fuel. The aquarium Is larger than it is, there is a greater bruisoppervlak need to check the inline CO2 atomizer. Or, choose a different CO2 diffuser out of a range of CO2 diffusers.

CO2 bubble counter

The CO2 bubble counter is a very handy product to use and see how much CO2 is in the aquarium that will be added to it. It will help in adjusting the dose. This can be done in conjunction with the measurement of the pH, or to look at the color of the CO2 checker (optional). With the CO2 bubble counter (regular) is the number of calls to the ca. 4-second count. The CO2 bubble counter to Spiral. This allows for a greater number of calls per second, the easier it will be counted. How much call there is for it, the aquarium is really necessary, it depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of water, light, waterparameters, the amount of plants, etc.). A reasonable starting point is 1 bubble per second per 50 Gallons of water, but it will as I said depend on the situation.

The CO2 bottle is empty? Click here to see the options for the bottle to be filled: (link)

Read more here: all about CO2 in the aquarium

Data sheet

Compleet wegwerp CO2 systeem
Article number:
multiple options
500 of 1000 gram CO2
CO2 bottle, CO2 pressure regulator, CO2 solenoid valve, 2m flexible CO2 hose, 1m CO2 pressure hose, CO2 check valve

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