CO2 bottle refill (exchange) 500 gram
  • CO2 bottle refill (exchange) 500 gram
CO2 bottle refill (exchange) 500 gram

CO2 bottle filled


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Your empty CO2 bottle fill? That is possible with our CO2 bottle exchange system!

Filling of 0.5 kg or 2kg

CO2 bottle refill in our barter system? Do not forget the serial number

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CO2 bottle refill/exchange

CO2 bottle is empty? Exchange easy to with CO2 bottles of our exchange system! Read below how it works:

Option1: CO2 bottles to exchange at Azaqua purchased:
CO2 bottle is empty? Send the empty CO2 bottle in to Azaqua or bring it along. You will get a full CO2 bottle returned from our barter system and paid only for the filling. The CO2 Bottle that you return to receive from the exchange are so widely used, comparable, as well as new bottles. The shipping costs for sending are for your own account. As soon as the CO2 bottle by Azaqua is received, will equal a full bottle returned. This can be accelerated when we have a copy of the receipt + flesnummer received by email.

Additional information: The CO2 bottles are completely your property, and have no deposit or anything like that. CO2 bottles in the exchange of Azaqua have serial numbers and are checked for cleanliness and damage. We want everyone to be a good as a new bottle in return. So you have to be careful with these bottles. Enter the serial number when you order.
Tip: combine this product with the ordering of periodic plant food or other products from the shop to shipping costs to save.

Option 2: Your own CO2 bottle fill:
That is also possible, but we fill the bottles yourself. Once in a while let's empty bottles to refill. Bring your own bottle we can fill and (in consultation) are filled here in stock for you to keep or same to send as soon as he is full. Before you send your own bottle or the order of this article on the web shop, be sure to contact us and photos of the bottle to email. Bottles with a lot of rust or damage can not be replenished.

Another tip: The advice is to make use of an extra bottle, so you always have 1 in use while the other is in the meantime filled.

NOTE: Store in an area with good ventilation, gas not breathe, choking in high concentration, contains gas under pressure, only standing upright, bottle always ensure, when heated, explode, empty bottle is always close.

The CO2 bottle has an external screw thread M21,8 x 1/4" according to European standard DIN 477. This means that these bottles are suitable for all European regulators to icm external thread.

CO2 suitable for consumtengebruik.
Frequently asked questions:
What does "hand with residual pressure"?
The residual pressure is to prevent the other gases in the bottle come from the atmosphere, possibly the inside of the bottle can harm or pollution in the purity. So make sure that the empty bottle is closed when the bottle is disconnected.
My bottle falls out of the keuringsdatum, can this be refilled?
Yes, it can. If the bottle is in good condition, it can be filled.
Is the replacement CO2 bottle in the exchange of exactly the same size as my box bottle?
No, not always. There will be multiple suppliers of bottles worked and who are not always the same. The content is of course always the same. Bottles are always of good quality.

Specific References

By on  06 May 2021 (CO2 bottle filled) :

Snel, betrouwbaar

Een bestelling doen, oude fles terugsturen, nieuwe fles ontvangen. Dat gaat zo snel, je kan het beter in uren weergeven dan in dagen

By on  15 Apr. 2021 (CO2 bottle filled) :

Fles vullen

Razendsnelle omruilservice

By on  06 Feb. 2021 (CO2 bottle filled) :

Co2 fles vullen

Top geregeld, s'morgens gebeld en die zelfde middag al kunnen omruilen. Dat is pas goed geregelde service.

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