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CO2 toebehoren

Adding CO2 to the aquarium can be complicated, but with the right accessories it becomes relatively easy. Also when you need to attach multiple aquariums to one system, you can find everything you need here.

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  • Brand: ADA
  • ADA CO2 cartridge for CO2 System 74


    This is a navullings CO2 cartridge for the ADA CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2. This CO2 refill is very easy to connect to the ADA CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2. The CO2 from this cartridge is lightly scented and is available in the scents "Amazonian, Malayan or African".

    Choice of: per piece or per set of 3

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  • ADA CO2 System 74 Clear Stand


    In this ADA Clear Stand CO2 can cartridge of the ADA CO2 system 74 in a safe way can be placed. The transparent acrylic is almost impossible, and the CO2 cartridge hangs neatly on the edge of the aquarium.

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  • ADA Cap Position CO2 System 74


    ADA Cap-stand for CO2 System 74 cartridge. The CO2 cartridge can stand upright in the be placed, with which the CO2 system looks stylish.

    Available in:
    - White
    - Black
    - STAINLESS steel

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  • ADA Clear Parts Set


    A set of accessories (suction cups, silicone tubing, check valve) for the installation of glass products for CO2 addition. Replace the check valve every year. It is recommended to use the silicon tubing to replace.

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  • ADA CO2 Pressure Tube (2m)


    ADA pressurised CO2 hose is used for the connection between the CO2 regulator, solenoid valve and check valve. This hose can also be used for the connection of Joint parts. Connect this hose is not directly on the glass products.

    2 metres
    available in different colors
    diameter: 4/6mm

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  • ADA CO2 check valve


    By this CO2 check valve between the CO2 bubble counter and the CO2 system will prevent water from the aquarium into the CO2 regulator or CO2 valve.

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  • ADA Cabochon Ruby


    The Cabochon Ruby is a durable and decorative check valve for the CO2 system. The red ball seems to be on a Ruby and will not wear out with prolonged use. By the beautiful design, this is a functional piece of jewelry next to your aquarium.

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  • ADA EL Valve


    ADA EL Valve is a solenoid valve for the CO2 system. This can be connected to a timer, so that the system can be switched on automatically.

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  • ADA CO2 Speed Controller


    With the ADA CO2 Speed Controller is the amount of CO2 exactly. When the CO2 hose from the source is split, there must be, on every branch its own CO2 Speed Controller to the proper amount to dispense.

    Use Speed Controller (1) for less than 1 call per second.
    Use Speed Controller, Large (2) for a dosage of more than 1 call per second.

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  • ADA CO2 Stop Valve


    With the ADA CO2 Stop Valve ball valve allows the CO2 supply to the CO2 diffuser be sealed in a simple snap. Available in different colors that match with the CO2 system and small run, so that he almost doesn't notice. Ball Valve G (4) has a larger version, making it even easier to operate.

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  • ADA CO2 Tubing distributor


    With a CO2 Tubing distributor is the CO2 hose from the CO2 bottle to distribute to multiple aquariums or more CO2 diffusers.

    Select the desired branch.

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  • ADA CO2 Stop Cap (2 pieces)


    With the CO2 Plug Caps can be a CO2 hose to be closed.

    Per 2 pieces

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  • ADA Mini Gauge (in-line)


    With a ADA Mini Gauge (in-line) the CO2 pressure in the hoses to be checked. Connect the CO2 tubing on both ends, and stop the CO2 supply to the pressure check.

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  • ADA CO2 Joint Stick (3 pieces)


    With the CO2 Joint Stick can a CO2 tubing to be connected to the ADA Branches.

    Per 3 pieces

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  • ADA CO2 Joint Glass


    With the ADA CO2 Joint Glass connections can CO2 diffusors and bellentellers are connected to each other, without the risk of CO2 tubing nods. The glass tubes with a small piece of CO2 tubing, connected to each other.
    JG-007 is for Pollen Glass or Type 2
    JG-008 is for Pollen Glass Type-3, Pollen Glass Large or Pollen Glass Beetle.

    Select the desired item:

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  • ADA CO2 Tower


    Stainless steel cover for a 500 gram CO2 bottle. A refillable CO2 bottle is here on a particularly nice way eliminated. The CO2 bottle is nice and straight and thanks to the removable lid, this stable and secure!


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  • ADA CO2 Adapter


    This CO2 adapter can be used for the CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2 or SA regulator connected to a refillable CO2 bottle.

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  • ADA CO2 Tube Holder


    With the help of this CO2 Tube Holders are CO2 hoses are perfectly in the right direction. Neat, efficient, and safe! Available in 2, 3 or 4 positions.

    5 pieces per pack

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