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By Gert R. on 01 Dec. 2021 :

Product rated : Oase FiltoSmart 60 Werk stil Makkelijk in...

By lesly B. on 30 Nov. 2021 :

Product rated : CO2 Diffusor cup HQ Heel mooi! Zeer tevreden....

By Robert M. on 29 Nov. 2021 :

Product rated : Neritina turrita (Orange track snail) Mijn neritina's zijn...

CO2 toebehoren

Adding CO2 to the aquarium can be complicated, but with the right accessories it becomes relatively easy. Also when you need to attach multiple aquariums to one system, you can find everything you need here.

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  • Brand: Aqua Medic
  • Aqua Medic CO2 Solenoid valve


    The Aqua Medic solenoid valve is a kwaliteitsventiel with connectors for 6mm hose. The solenoid valve may be in combination with each CO2 system be used. He can be connected to a timer to have the CO2 supply during the night to a close. He can also be used in combination with a pH-controller, with which the pH can be automatically controlled.

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