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What is aquascapen?

Before we have somewhere to start, it is useful to know which exactly you begin. Aquascapen is caused by the work of Takashi Amano. Who called his way of aquarium, setting up a “Nature Aquarium”. Inspired by performances in the nature, with natural decorating materials such as wood and stone, a sphere exhaling of a natural environment. For example, that of a rainforest, river, jungle etc. that he had visited. The balance between the types of plants, such as lichtbehoeftige plants in open spaces and shade tolerant plants under overhanging hardscape, it is in accordance with how we in nature find. The difference with a “biotope aquarium” is the scale. A biotope is everything 1:1 from nature imitated in the aquarium translated. In a Nature Aquarium in a manner of speaking, the whole rainforest in a smaller tank. It should not be biotope correct, because the natural atmosphere in the aquarium radiates is indeed the most important. The nowadays popular name Aquascapen is in the basis nothing more than “an aquarium setup”. The term is derived from the English word “landscaping” and describes something as a "landscape shape". Although the border with the Nature Aquarium is very thin, the aquascapen in particular, "a landscape to mimic under water" meant. The aquarium is also more focused on the presentation and the plants, than on the care of animals.
What is so incredibly beautiful, it is the congregation of various disciplines. The knowledge of water quality (biology, chemistry), technique, the creative aspect and the care to make it in different planes is interesting. Not all aquarium plants is great to grow is also good in the build up of a hardscape and vice versa.

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Is aquascapen expensive?

aquarium geldThis question comes up very often, but that is for everyone, of course, to determine. It falls in the same category as: Is a dog expensive? A painting Is expensive? Or is any other hobby expensive?
Prior to the start aquascapen, must in any case be imagined how much fun it is, or will be. It happens often enough that it started in the wild, with a lot of problems and that the aquarium after 2 month again it appears. Therefore, be prepared and informed. Know to predict what is going to happen, what can go wrong and what the pitfalls are. This way you can have a lot of money and heartache can be saved. Although it is obviously not to avoid is that there are beginners ' mistakes will be made, because it is a learning process. It is worth however to have the right products to purchase and as much information as possible to collect. Money unnecessarily on things that are not needed, will not contribute to the fun in the hobby. Know where to save. That is certainly true for budding aquascapers. Even with a small budget are very nice results. In many cases, it may also be wise to first go save, in the meantime a lot of research to do and a good start. As the demands on the material is higher, can always be extended to better products. Remember that no photographer has started with the most expensive camera, not a single motorist with the most expensive car and there must, of course, what dreams are left ;)

You know not yet sure whether aquascapen what is yours? Then in the first instance, for the budget, so that there is a not too great financial risk. Have you been enthusiastic aquarist and do you want to now have a good address and do you plan to for years to go? It may not hurt to invest in quality and sustainable responsible purchases.

Where is inspiration found?

ADA IAPLC contest boekProbably the enthusiasm sparked by images of aquariums on the internet or through the aquarium from an acquaintance. When the decision is taken to itself such a work of art in your home, the possibilities are endless. It is therefore important to find out how the aquarium should go see it. I personally have very much benefited from the doorpluizen of IAPLC contest books, but also the AGA website is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. ( Click a year and then on “view entries” and the first few hours will be filled with wonder behind the display is to be spent. At the sight of the beautiful photos with beautiful works of art, will be the one aqaurium more in the taste than the other. TIP: save all of the photos or links. It comes naturally to the front which style is the most in the taste. It is absolutely not a shame to layouts or parts of layouts to copy. As an added bonus, the jury comments to be read to as well to an aquarium to learn look. If the preference is to take inspiration from moving images, then take anyway a look on YouTube at the ADAVIEW channel.

In the study of the photos will also notice that the fish only sparingly present. Fish for an aquascape essential for the biological balance, but in the complete picture is an afterthought. Itself I ask me always, when I was in the forest walk, where all the animals are. Moreover, it is the thrill of discovering animals in an aquarium is many times more fun than when they are on a silver platter to be displayed.

Learn from the masters and other enthusiasts. Follow example on Facebook the groups Nordic Scapers, Aqua Design Amano, ARNA Aquascaping, AquaScaping Aquagoin. And so there are plenty of other groups where inspiration and knowledge come from to get there. Also, be welcome on the to get all of your questions and for others to learn.

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