Orders within the Netherlands are sent per package up to 30kg with DPD. An order with a greater weight, is distributed over several packages of up to 30kg per piece. The actual costs depend on the total weight of your order and are automatically in your shopping cart calculated.
Shipping is FREE at an amount of more than € 75,-.
For the sending of larger products, for which a pallet is needed, such as aquariums and furniture, we send with DHL. The extra costs are € 49,90 and this you must select in the shipping options in the ordering process.

Orders may also be subject to cash on delivery are provided. (Cash on Delivery) You pay the amount of the order + additional shipping costs to the parcel delivery company. The costs depend on the value of the package and are automatically in the shopping cart calculated.

Also, you can always Track and Trace information for your package to be able to follow.
Shipping costs are inclusive of VAT

SHIPPING within Europe

See table below. Shipping costs are inclusive of VAT



Azaqua trying your order within 1-3 days to deliver depending on stock and method of payment. If you choose to pay via bank transfer then it may take longer, because via bank transfer for the payment for more is on the way. Here we can unfortunately nothing to do. Orders will only be processed once we have received the payment.
Products that are in stock can be 1-3 days after receipt of payment be provided. Larger products such as aquariums and furniture are on order and this can sometimes take some time.
If a product is not in stock or a product has a longer delivery time, we will do our best to inform you. Azaqua is aware that the wait is long, especially when it comes to beautiful products. We therefore always try our best to process orders as quickly as possible, but unfortunately we are also dependent on suppliers. Because of this, the delivery time is not always accurately determine. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions about delivery times, stock or uk you can do this, of course, always contact us using our contact form.


It is possible your order pickup by appointment in Steenwijk. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form for more information.


Additional information

When shipping, we make as much as possible, use of environmentally friendly solutions. Boxes and packaging materials as much as possible reused.

Damage on arrival?
Unfortunately it can happen that products of your order is damaged during transport. In the case of glass products (fish tanks, lily pipes, etc.) we use a "whole of arrival warranty". Mail a photo of the damaged product and we will do our best as quickly as possible a new copy to send.

Shipping in Europe (no Saturday delivery possible)


Shipping costs
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Vlag NederlandThe netherlands€ 6,45 (gratis boven € 75,-)1-2€ 49,90
Vlag BelgiëBelgium€ 9,90 (Gratis boven € 150,-)1-2€ 74,90
Vlag DuitslandGermany€ 9,90 (Gratis boven € 150,-)1-3€ 119,90
Vlag Bosnië HerzegovinaBosnia And Herzegovina€ 71,903-4n.b.
Vlag BulgarijeBulgaria€ 30,904€ 214,90
Vlag DenemarkenDenmark€ 12,902-3€ 229,90
Vlag EstlandEstonia€ 18,903-4€ 214,90
Vlag FinlandFinland€ 25,903-5€ 269,90
Vlag FrankrijkFrance€ 13,901-3€ 229,90
Vlag GriekenlandGreece (main Island)€ 34,905-7€ 214,90
Vlag HongarijeHungary€ 15,902-3€ 214,90
Vlag IerlandIreland€ 33,902-3€ 269,90
Vlag IJslandIceland€ 52,90n.b.
Vlag ItaliëItaly€ 18,902-4€ 269,90
Vlag KroatiëCroatia€ 30,903-4€ 214,90
Vlag LetlandLatvia€ 15,903-4€ 214,90
Vlag LiechtensteinLiechtenstein€ 51,904n.b.
Vlag LitouwenLithuania€ 21,903-4€ 214,90
Vlag LuxemburgLuxembourg€ 12,901-2€ 89,90
Vlag MonacoMonaco€ 38,902-3n.b.
Vlag NoorwegenNorway€ 30,903-5n.b.
Vlag OostenrijkAustria€ 12,901-3€ 229,90
Vlag PolenPoland€ 16,902-3€ 214,90
Vlag PortugalPortugal€ 18,903-4€ 269,90
Vlag RoemeniëRomania€ 29,903€ 214,90
Vlag ServiëSerbia€ 71,904-8n.b.
Vlag SloveniëSlovenia€ 18,902-3€ 214,90
Vlag SlowakijeSlovakia€ 17,903-4€ 214,90
Vlag SpanjeSpain€ 19,903€ 269,90
Vlag SlowakijeCzech republic€ 16,903€ 214,90
Vlag Verenigd KoninkrijkUnited Kingdom€ 13,902-3n.b.
Vlag ZwedenSweden€ 16,902-4€ 269,90
Vlag ZwitserlandSwitzerland€ 57,902-3n.b.

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