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Daytime eco 40.2 ledverlichting View larger
Daytime eco 40.2 ledverlichting

Daytime eco 30

Daytime eco LED aquarium lighting is from excellent quality! Low energy costs, prefect colour rendering and very long life span. High grade LED light for freshwater or marine aquariums that is can be placed on multiple ways above the aquarium.

Select the desired options:
NOTE: Select the 36 Watt 12V converter with the 3rd LED row


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1-3 weeks

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    Aquarium LED lighting with exceptional performance!

    Daytime eco LED aquarium lighting is from excellent quality! Low energy costs, prefect colour rendering and very long life span. High grade LED light for freshwater or marine aquariums that is can be placed on multiple ways above the aquarium.

    The design:
    The extreme flat design of the LED unit convinces with it's timeless design. The solid, sustainable housing is made of anodised aluminium en extremely well protected against corrosion. Thanks to the unique design, the LED get's not hotter than 40 degrees. Therefore an extreme long lifespan can be reached. With the LEXAN super-clear cover it is dust- and waterproof.

    The performance:
    Equipped with the latest LED-technology from Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) the Daytime aquarium LED lighting produces a light efficiency of a staggering 120 Lumen pro Watt! In comparison with TL or T5 light this saves energy up to 50% and gives a more appealing view. A brilliant colour rendering (CRI>90) with extreme lifespan of over 60.000 hours and a constant light intensity over the long term. This makes the Daytime eco line an eco friendly alternative. You save energy and get more light intensity in return.

    The benefits for your plants and animals:
    Life in the ecosystem in your aquarium stays used to the same amount of light intensity during the many years. Your fish, plants and corals will be thankful. Also the realistic reflections that cast shadow though the rippling water surface are a real visual treat. This results in an attractive, close to nature effect in the aquarium!

    The many different options for the light colour:
    By default the Daytime eco LED lighting is equipped with 2 LED rows. You can choose between 7 different colour temperatures that are suited for fresh- or marine water aquarium.
    Daytime LED aquarium verlichting - kleurtemperatuur
    Unique about the Daytime LED aquarium lighting are the numerous options to adjust the light to your own preferences. It is possible to choose an extra (3rd row) LED's in the middle. The light output increases with 50% and is perfect for cases where a high light intensity is desired. With this 3rd row there is also the option to choose for a different colour temperature and therefore provide an even wider light spectrum to your aquarium. For a planted aquarium can be chosen for example for 2 rows in Ultra White and the 3rd row in Neutral White. LED for a marine tank can be combined by 2 rows with Ultra White and the 3rd row in Nautic Blue. Combine the colours to your own personal preferences!
    Please note by choosing a 3rd row, the power consumption increases also with 50%. Keep in mind by choosing the right 12V converter.

    The many options for mounting the LED light:
    There is a solution for every aquarium to perfectly house a Daytime LED eco unit. For an open aquarium there are stylish top-mounts, Swing mount or Universal mounts. But also for replacing existing lights, Daytime provides T5 or T8 mounts. (note: the T8/T5 mounts do not provide power to the LED unit).
    Daytime also specially developed adapter profiles for Juwel or Eheim light hoods. With this adapter-profile the eco unit can be placed, perfectly centred and existing hood panels can be used for a perfect finish. More room for maintenance, perfect!

    The expand options:
    Go crazy and combine multiple Daytime LED units on one 12V converter with a 3-way splitter on 1 power plug.  If you want to have multiple LED units above the aquarium, but want them to be operated separately with multiple time switches, you need more 12V converters. This way you can further adjust the light set-up to your preferences. With the use of Dim-module all units on 1 power plug can be dimmed. If you want to automatic operate the lights, you need a 1-channel  Lighting Control or an LED computer.

    Specifications of Daytime eco 30:
    Dimensions:30 cm x 54mm
    Power consumption.2 rows:9 Watt
                                 .3 rows:13,5 Watt
    Light intensity.2 rows:1080 Lumen
                                .3 rows:1620 Lumen
    efficiency:120 lumen per Watt (2700K, 5000K en 7000K)
    Colour rendering:CRI> 90
    Beam Angle:120°
    Lifespan:60.000 branduren
    Seawater proof:DIN 81249-1
    Dust and waterproof:DIN EN 60529 / IP67
    Cable length unit + 12V converter:5 meter
    Available color temperatures:- Warm White /  2700 K
     - Neutral White /  5000 K
     - Ultra White /  7000 K
     - Ultra Blue White / 15000 K + peak 465nm (90 Lumen/Watt)
     - Ultra Blue Red White /  15000 K + Peak 465 nm + Peak 650 nm
     - Nautik Blue /  465 nm + Peak 465 nm (23 Lumen/Watt)
     - Nautik Blue Red /  476 nm + Peak 650 nm (40 Lumen/Watt)
    Mounting possibilities / aquarium length:
    universal/screw mount:30-45 cm
    top mount:38-53 cm
    swing mount:29-38 cm
    replacement for T5:-
    replacement voor T8:-
    icm JUWEL adapter profile:-
    icm EHEIM adapter profile:-
    Ophang set
    Uitbreidingsmogelijkheden (optioneel):
    3 weg Verdeler (link)om meerdere Daytime LED units aan te sluiten op één 12V adapter
    1-kanaals Dim Module (link)om de LED unit handmatig mee te dimmen
    1-kanaals Lighting Control (link)om de LED automatisch te dimmen
    LED computer (link)om de LED unit volledig mee te programmeren


     Daytime eco 3 rijen - LED aquarium verlichtingDaytime 12V adapterDaytime eco universeelbeugel - LED aquarium verlichtingDaytime eco opzetbeugel - LED aquarium verlichtingDaytime eco Swing - LED aquarium verlichtingDaytime eco T5 montage - LED aquarium verlichtingAquarium ombouwen met LED verlichting

    amount of
    LED rows



    universal-/ screwmount

    top mount


    T5 / T8
    JUWEL /
    3 W
    4,5 W
     14-30 cm20-35 cm12-19 cm  
    5 W
    7,5 W
    20-35 cm28-43 cm17-26 cm 
    9 W
    13,5 W
    30-45 cm38-53 cm29-38 cm 
    11 W
    17 W
    40-55 cm45-60 cm36-45 cmT8: 15W
    T5: 24W*
    14 W
    21 W
    50-65 cm58-70 cm47-56 cmT5: 13+24W
    Trigon 350
    scubacube 125
    16 W
    24 W
    55-70 cm63-75 cm51-60 cmT8: 18W
    T5: 28W*
    Lido 120*
    scubacube 270
    20 W
    30 W
    70-85 cm78-90 cm67-76 cmT8: 25W
    T5: 35W
     Lido 200*
    Trigon 190*
    24 W
    36 W
    80-95 cm88-100 cm77-86 cmT5: 21+39W
    Rio 125*
    scubacube 140
    vivaline 180
    scubacorner 200
    26 W
    39 W
    85-100 cm93-105 cm82-91 cmT8: 30W
    T5: 45W
    Vision 180*
    30 W
    45 W
    100-115 cm108-120 cm97-106 cmT8: 38W
    T5: 54W*
    Rio 180*
    Trigon 350*
    scubaline 200
    vivaline 180
    34 W
    51 W
    110-125 cm118-130 cm108-117 cmT5: 28+54W
    36 W
    54 W
    117-133 cm125-137 cm114-123 cmT8: 36W
    T5: 54W*
    Rio 240*
    Rio 300*
    Vision 260*
    scubaline 240
    vivaline 240
    40 W
    60 W
    130-145 cm138-150 cm127-136 cm scubaline 460
    43 W
    65 W
    140-155 cm148-160 cm138-147 cmT5: 80W
    45 W
    68 W
    147-160 cm153-165 cm143-152 cmT8: 58W
    Rio 400*
    Vision 450*
    vivaline 330

    *Juwel type

    How many LED light is desired above a planted aquarium?
    The aim for a planted aquarium is a light intensity of about 25-40 Lumen pro Liter.
    For an aquarium of    50 Liter is about 1250 to 2000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 100 Liter is about 2500 to 4000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 150 Liter is about 3750 to 6000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 200 Liter is about 5000 to 8000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 250 Liter is about 6250 to 10000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 300 Liter is about 7500 to 12000 Lumen needed.
    For an aquarium of 350 Liter is about 8750 to 14000 Lumen needed.
    This can be realised, if nessesary, by combining multiple LED units.

    Please read "switch to LED light above the aquarium"

    Please note:
    Make sure the right 12V convertor is chosen. The total Watt of the light should not overrule the Watt of the 12V convertor. Light intensity in the tabble above counts for the 2700, 5000 and 7000 Kelvin. The other color temperatures provide less intensity per Watt.

    Please feel free to contact us or check the Daytime brochure (German)

    The delivery time is usually between 1 to 3 weeks.

    Article number:multiple options
    Type:Daytime eco 30 LED lights
    Length:30 cm
    Power consumption:9 or 13.5 Watt
    Light output:1080 or 1620 Lumens
    Aquarium length Universal / Screw:30-45 cm
    Aquarium length top brace:35-53 cm
    Aquarium length Swing:29 to 38 cm
    Replacement for T5:-
    Replacement for T8:-
    Adapter profile Juwel:-
    Adapter profile Eheim:-