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Daytime Matrix profile
Daytime Matrix profile Daytime Matrix profile Daytime Matrix profile Daytime Matrix profile Daytime Matrix profile

Daytime Matrix profiel

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The new Daytime Array LED aquarium lighting offers even more possibilities to the lighting to your needs.

Select the desired length.
(The required matrix modules can be ordered separately)

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Daytime Matrix profile for LED lighting

The new Daytime Array LED aquarium lighting offers even more possibilities to the lighting to your needs. The Matrix modules with extremely high performance to give an incredible amount of light up to 180 Lumens per Watt!! They also have a balanced spectrum. The ability to have multiple Matrix modules to be combined in one Matrix profile make it completely to the lighting to your liking.

The Matrix modules are easily in the desired position screws. So is every spot in the aquarium with a own module to ease. There will also be any light lost above joists/stabilo's, because the modules are easy to shift. In a biotope aquarium can be that way also, for example, aware of a dark corner created by the modules on one side of the profile to the screws. By the new technique, the modules directly against each other to be mounted, without spacing required.

Set the LED aquarium lighting together

The Daytime Array elements are themselves put together and are supplied loose. Order the correct length of the Array profile and look at how many Matrix Modules here. Then these modules are ordered separately. The individual modules can be tailored to your needs in easy manner in the profile will be mounted. Then select the correct 12V adapter that has enough power. Optionally, the light control by means of a LED computer, or Daytime Smart Control.

1. Choose the right length Matrix Profile (see table below)
2. Choose the desired attachment > link
3. Choose the desired Matrix Modules > link
4. Choose a 24V converter that has enough power > link
5. Optional: Select a control (e.g. LED computer or Smart Control)

The Daytime Array profile is provided with three channels. The LED colors of modules UBW and UBRW this separately to operate, when use is made of an LED computer or Smart Control.

Properties of the Daytime Matrix Profile:
Length: (several options, see table below)
Thickness: 18 mm
Width: 73 mm
Dust and waterproof: DIN EN 60529 / IP67
Seawater resistance: DIN 81249-1
Cable length unit: 2 metres
Material: CNC machined anodized aluminum

The Daytime Matrix also fits icm a Juwel or EHEIM adapterprofiel


Note that the power (Watt) of the LED unit, the power handling of the chosen 24V adapter does NOT exceed!

  Daytime Matrix module Daytime 24V adapter   Daytime Matrix profiel Daytime Matrix Universeel beugel Daytime matrix Swing Daytime matrix opschroef montage Daytime matrix t5 montage





Aquarium icm
Aquarium icm


T8 or T5
matrix 20 1 10 W 1800 16.6 cm 20-30 cm 20-30 cm 23-30 cm  
matrix 30 2 20 W 3600 25 cm 28-38,4 cm 25-38,8 cm 28-38,4 cm  
matrix 40 3 30 W 5400 35 cm 38-48,4 cm 35-48,8 cm 38-48,4 cm  
matrix 50 4 40 W 7200 45 cm 48-58,4 cm 45-58,4 cm 48-58,4 cm T8: 15W
T5: 24W*
matrix 60 5 50 W 9000 55 cm 58-68,4 cm 55-68,4 cm 58-68,4 cm T5: 13W
matrix 70 6 60 W 10800 65 cm 68-78,4 cm 65-78,4 cm 68-78,4 cm T8: 18W
T5: 24W / 28W*
matrix 80 7 70 W 12600 75 cm 78-88,4 cm 75-88,4 cm 78-88,4 cm T8: 25W
T5: 35W
matrix 90 8 80 W 14400 85 cm 88-98,4 cm 85-98,4 cm 88-98,4 cm T8: 30W
T5: 39W / 35W*
matrix 100 9 90 W 16200 95 cm 98-108,4 cm 95-108,4 cm 98-108,4 cm
matrix 110 10 100 W 18000 105 cm 108-118,4 cm 105-118,4 cm 108-118,4 cm T8: 38W
T5: 54W*
matrix 120 12 120 W 21600 115 cm 118-128,4 cm 115-128,4 cm 118-128,4 cm T5: 54W
matrix 130 13 130 W 23400 125 cm 128-138,4 cm 125-138,4 cm 128-138,4 cm T8: 36W
T5: 54W*
matrix 140 14 140 W 25200 135 cm 138-148,4 cm 135-148,4 cm 138-148,4 cm
matrix 150 15 150 W 27000 145 cm 148-158,4 cm 145-158,4 cm 148-158,4 cm T8: 58W
T5: 80W
matrix 160 16 160 W 28800 155 cm        
matrix 170 17 170 W 30600 165 cm
matrix 180 18 180 W 32400 175 cm
matrix 190 19 190 W 34200 185 cm
matrix 200 20 200 W 36000 195 cm

*Juwel type

How much LED lighting is needed above the aquarium?
Our advice is, a light intensity of 25-40 Lumens per Litre of aquarium water for a planted aquarium.

Light intensity 10-20 Lumens per Liter
Moderate lighting
20-30 Lumens per Liter
Normal lighting
30 Lumen and higher
Lots of lighting
Type of aquarium Sufficient for Cryptocoryne, Anubias, Ferns etc. (e.g. Shrimp, Diskus or Africa aquarium) For plants with more light requirements such as moss, Hygrophila, Pogostemon and Zwaardplanten For more sustainable plants such as Hemianthus, Glossostigma, Rotala, etc.
CO2 fertilization: Not necessary Recommended Indispensable
50 L 500-1000 Lumens 1000-1500 Lumens >1500 Lumens
100 L 1000-2000 Lumen 2000-3000 Lumen >3000 Lumen
150 L 1500-3000 Lumens 3000-4500 Lumen >4500 Lumens
200 L 2000-4000 Lumen 4000-6000 Lumen >6000 Lumen
250 L 2500-5000 Lumens 5000-7500 Lumen >7500 Lumens
300 L 3000-6000 Lumen 6000-9000 Lumen >9000 Lumens
350 L 3500-7000 Lumens 7000-10500 Lumen >10500 Lumen
500 L 5000-10000 Lumens 10000-15000 Lumens >15000 Lumen
750 L 7500-15000 Lumen 15000-22500 Lumen >22500 Lumen

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or for more information, view the Daytime brochure (German)

Delivery time: 1 to 3 weeks


Data sheet

Product type:
LED lighting
Daytime matrix Profile
Article number:
multiple options
20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 or larger

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Daytime Matrix

Download (2.48MB)
By on  17 Feb. 2022 (Daytime Matrix profiel) :

Daytime Matrix een zonnig produkt!!

Ik heb de daytime matrix met 2x pro sunlike -neutral en 2x pro sunlike color nu een maandje in bedrijf en ik ben er echt heel tevreden over. Via SC-20 smart control werkt als een "zonnetje". Een aanrader, wel met een prijskaartje, maar dat is t waard!

By on  21 June 2021 (Daytime Matrix profiel) :

Strak profiel.

Netjes afgewerkt profiel. Niets op aan te merken. Redelijk lang snoer en gemakkelijk aan te sluiten.

By on  11 Feb. 2021 (Daytime Matrix profiel) :

Goed doordacht

Goed doordachte houder voor de Matrix modules. Uitstekende kwaliteit.

By on  22 July 2020 (Daytime Matrix profiel) :

eenvoudig om modules in te plaatsen

is gewoon mooi met een degelijke kwaliteit

By on  05 July 2020 (Daytime Matrix profiel) :

Matrix verlichting

Goed produkt, gemakkelijk te installeren. Software gebruiksvriendelijk.