Daytime PRO Module SunLike-Ultra

Daytime PRO Module SunLike-Ultra

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PRO Module SunLike-Ultra has been specially developed for the freshwater aquarium. Neutral white light with a color temperature of 6000-7000 Kelvin. This module is a nice addition to existing combinations and ensures healthy plant growth.
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Daytime PRO Module SunLike-Ultra

PRO Module Sunlike-Ultra has been specially developed for the freshwater aquarium. In combination with SLM 1:1 or M3:1 also ideal for seawater. Bright white light with a color temperature of 6000-7000 Kelvin. This module is a nice addition to existing combinations and ensures healthy plant growth. With 7.5 Watt power consumption and 230 lumen per Watt light output, one module delivers about 1725 lumen. So much light with low power consumption. The heat emission is also low.

Compose the LED aquarium lighting yourself

The Daytime Matrix parts can be put together yourself and are delivered separately. Order the correct length of the Matrix profile and look carefully at how many Matrix Modules fit here. These modules can then be ordered separately. The separate modules can be mounted in the profile in a childishly simple manner, entirely as desired. Then select the correct 24V adapter that supplies sufficient power. Optional are the light control by means of an LED computer or Daytime Smart Control.

1. Choose the correct length Matrix Profile (see table below)
2. Select the desired confirmation option
3. Select the desired Matrix Modules
4. Choose a 24V adapter that supplies enough power
5. Optional: Choose a control (e.g. LED computer or Smart Control)

The Daytime Matrix profile has three channels. The LED colors of modules UBW and UBRW can therefore be controlled separately when using a LED computer or Smart Control.

Daytime PRO Module SunLike-Ultra Features

Power consumption: 7.5 Watt
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Light output: 1725 Lumen
PAR 4.48 µmol/J (spec.)
Dust and waterproof: DIN EN 60529 / IP67
Seawater resistance: DIN 81249-1
Material: CNC machined anodized aluminum

The Daytime Matrix also fits in combination with a Juwel or EHEIM adapter profile

Make sure that the power (Watt) of the LED unit does NOT exceed the load capacity of the chosen 24V adapter!

Daytime Matrix module Daytime 24V adapter Daytime Matrix profile Daytime Matrix Universal bracket Daytime matrix Swing Daytime matrix screw-on mounting Daytime matrix t5 montage





Aquarium in combination
Aquarium in combination


T8 or T5
matrix 20 1 10 W 1800 16.6 cm 20-30 cm 20-30 cm 23-30cm
matrix 30 2 20 W 3600 25 cm 28-38.4cm 25-38.8cm 28-38.4cm
matrix 40 3 30 W 5400 35 cm 38-48.4cm 35-48.8cm 38-48.4cm
matrix 50 4 40 W 7200 45 cm 48-58.4cm 45-58.4cm 48-58.4cm T8: 15W
T5: 24W*
matrix 60 5 50 W 9000 55 cm 58-68.4cm 55-68.4cm 58-68.4cm T5: 13W
matrix 70 6 60 W 10800 65 cm 68-78.4cm 65-78.4cm 68-78.4cm T8: 18W
T5: 24W / 28W*
matrix 80 7 70 W 12600 75 cm 78-88.4cm 75-88.4cm 78-88.4cm T8: 25W
T5: 35W
matrix 90 8 80 W 14400 85 cm 88-98.4cm 85-98.4cm 88-98.4cm T8: 30W
T5: 39W / 35W*
matrix 100 9 90 W 16200 95 cm 98-108.4cm 95-108.4cm 98-108.4cm
matrix 110 10 100 W 18000 105 cm 108-118.4cm 105-118.4cm 108-118.4cm T8: 38W
T5: 54W*
matrix 120 12 100 W 18000 115 cm 118-128.4cm 115-128.4cm 118-128.4cm T5: 54W
matrix 1 30 12 100 W 18000 125 cm 128-138.4cm 125-138.4cm 128-138.4cm T8: 36W
T5: 54W*
matrix 140 12 100 W 18000 135 cm 138-148.4cm 135-148.4cm 138-148.4cm
matrix 150 12 100 W 18000 145 cm 148-158.4cm 145-158.4cm 148-158.4cm T8: 58W
T5: 80W
matrix160 and bigger on application

*jewel type

How much LED lighting is needed above the aquarium?
Our advice is a light intensity of 25-40 Lumen per liter of aquarium water for a planted aquarium.

Light intensity 10-20 Lumens per Liter
Moderate lighting
20-30 Lumens per Liter
Normal lighting
30 Lumens and above
Lots of lighting
Aquarium type Sufficient for Cryptocoryne, Anubias, Ferns etc. (e.g. Shrimp, Diskus or Africa aquarium) For plants with a little more light need such as moss, Hygrophila, Pogostemon and Sword plants For plants that are more difficult to keep such as Hemianthus, Glossostigma, Rotalas, etc.
CO2 fertilization: Not necessary Recommended indispensable
50 L 500-1000 Lumen 1000-1500 Lumen >1500 Lumen
100 L 1000-2000 Lumen 2000-3000 Lumens >3000 Lumen
150 L 1500-3000 Lumen 3000-4500 Lumen >4500 Lumen
200 L 2000-4000 Lumens 4000-6000 Lumen >6000 Lumen
250 L 2500-5000 Lumens 5000-7500 Lumens >7500 Lumen
300 L 3000-6000 Lumen 6000-9000 Lumen >9000 Lumen
350 L 3500-7000 Lumen 7000-10500 Lumen >10500 Lumen
500 L 5000-10000 Lumens 10000-15000 Lumens >15000 Lumen
750 L 7500-15000 Lumen 15000-22500 Lumen >22500 Lumen

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or view the Daytime brochure (German) for more information.

Delivery time: 1 to 3 weeks


Data sheet

Product type:
LED lighting
Power consumption:
7,5 Watt
Light output:
1725 lumen


Daytime Brochure

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