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Intaqo LED Power device
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360 Intaqo LED Power device Intaqo LED Power device Intaqo pH sensor Intaqo Solenoid Valve Intaqo temperature sensor

Intaqo LED Power device

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Bring your aquarium into the 21st century with this versatile aquarium controller. Intaqo combines the management of all essential technology for the planted aquarium. App control/monitoring for:
- relief
- pH controlled CO2 fertilization
- dosing plant food
- temperature monitoring
- reminders
In 1 device, with 1 app
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Intaqo LED Power device

Bring your aquarium into the 21st century with this versatile aquarium controller. Intaqo combines the management of all essential technology for the planted aquarium. Lighting, pH-controlled CO2 fertilization, dosing of plant nutrients and temperature management. In 1 device, with 1 app.

Intaqo LED power device makes it possible to collect and analyze data from the aquarium. Automated fertilizer dosing, pH control, all in a single unit that saves cables and space.

The mobile app simplifies maintenance with real-time information and control over settings. Works with iOS and Android. All essential sensors and cables are included, except for the Power Suply Unit (PSU) and PAR sensor.

Included with the Intaqo LED Power Device:

Solenoid valve Temperature sensor pH sensor probe
Intaqo solenoid valveIntaqo temperature sensorIntaqo pH sensor
This is used to gain control over the CO2 dosage. When the pH passes the set values, the Intaqo will turn the solenoid valve on or off. High temperatures can cause problems. Intaqo continuously monitors the temperature and displays the changes over the day. The ratio between the KH value of the water, the pH and the dissolved CO2 helps to dose the correct amount of CO2 based on the measured pH value.

Dosing pumps

Intaqo dosing pump Intaqo dosing pump setting

With two independent pumps, two different liquids can be automatically dosed to the aquarium. The most obvious choice will be to administer Macro and Micro nutrients. This will be an excellent addition to the CO2 fertilization. The dosage can be set via the app, but you can also see how much liquid is left in the reservoir. This way you know exactly when the reservoir needs to be refilled.

The key to success for a healthy planted aquarium is the balance between essential nutrients - lighting, CO2 and macro+micro elements.

Intaqo will provide all data from the aquarium, so that the parameters for automation can be fine-tuned.

Constantly monitor the conditions in the aquarium in the app. Data collection helps to get a grip on the processes in the aquarium.

pH level Temperature Lighting program
pH level Temperature level lighting program

Control the lighting

Full control over the daytime running of the lighting. Determine the intensity per hour, per day of the week. Lamps with a standard DC connector can be plugged into the back of the Intaqo, such as Twinstar lighting.

Intaqo daytime lighting daytime lighting on app

Control over the CO2 dosage

pH controlled dosage. Switch on the CO2 fertilization when the lighting comes on and never let the pH go beyond the set values.

Intaqo daily progress CO2 fertilization daily progress CO2 fertilization on app

Control over the application of liquid plant food

Two independently controlled pumps that can be set according to a schedule to deliver liquid plant food. Full control over accurate fertilization, including manual application.

Intaqo daily fertilization plant food Intaqo daily fertilization plant food

Set reminders for aquarium maintenance

Never forget when it's time for a water change, when the filter needs cleaning or when the pH sensor needs to be calibrated.

Intaqo reminder 1 Intaqo reminder 2

Intaqo helps you understand processes in your aquarium and allows you to adjust parameters.

*Optional PAR sensor

Intaqo PAR sensor

This sensor measures the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) of the aquarium lighting. This can be used to view or adjust the quality of the lighting. (not yet available at Azaqua, but we hope to be able to loan it in the future)

Android: download Intaqo App Google Playstore Apple: Download Intaqo App Store
QR-intaqo GooglePlaystoreQR Intaqo app store

Intaqo LED Power device included accessories:

- 1x Intaqo device
- 1x 12V solenoid valve
- 1x pH electrode
- 1x temperature sensor
- 1x temperature sensor extension cable (1m)
- 1x measuring cup for calibration
- 2x suction cup
- 4x check valve
- 1x 4 meter hose
- 1x pH calibration liquid pH 4.01 (Hanna 20ml)
- 1x pH calibration liquid pH 10.01 (Hanna 20ml)
- 2x Intaqo sticker
- 1x plug for connection to power supply / power supply
- 2x plug for connection of LED lighting

Not included: Power Supply

This standard version does not include a power supply. Usually the standard power supply of the lighting can be used. The Intaqo consumes approximately 20 Watts of power. A stress test for the Power Supply is included in the app.

Data sheet

LED Power device
14 cm
17 cm
6 cm
Power consumption:
20 Watt

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