EHEIM professional 5th 450 (2076)

EHEIM professional 5th 450 (2076)

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EHEIM professionel 5e 450 (2076) external filter offers everything an avid aquarium enthusiast could wish for. With a wireless control on a smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac, all functions can easily be set individually.

(excluding filter material)

For aquariums from 240-450 liters
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EHEIM professional 5th 450 (2076)

EHEIM professionel 5e aquarium filter has been developed for aquarium enthusiasts with high demands. Thanks to the integrated WiFi function, the filter has a number of useful advantages. The 5th series offers everything an avid aquarium enthusiast could wish for. With a wireless control on a smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac, all functions can easily be set individually.

The powerful filter has electronic systems to monitor all functions. It keeps the flow constant and delivers powerful performance thanks to the large filter volume. The smart design and adjustable flow rate significantly extend maintenance intervals. Naturally, this filter has the reliable EHEIM finesse. Craftsmanship, high-quality materials and the well-known "German reliability" make this filter extremely reliable. To leave nothing to chance, a 3-year warranty is given.

EHEIM professional 5th 450 (2076) benefits

- High-end technology that meets the most demanding criteria
- Electronic professional filter with integrated WiFi function and wireless control with smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac
- No additional app needed
- Individual program settings: Constant flow, bio mode, pulse mode and manual mode
- Easy linking with other EHEIM devices (e.g. EHEIM led control+)
- Constant monitoring of maintenance interval; cleaning instructions are automatically sent to the saved email address
- Permanent electronic system monitoring (including automatic venting; error prevention)
- Wifi mode can be turned off after configuration
- Large pre-filter which is easy to reach (directly under the pump head) for fast cleaning without disturbing biological mass
- Large filter volume
- Filter fills quickly due to integrated suction aid
- High quality wear-free ceramic shaft and bearings for guaranteed quiet operation
- Large safety lock for good sealing of pump head and filter canister
- Easy maintenance of filter media thanks to the cleaning tray
- Supplied complete with all connection accessories
- Suitable for freshwater and seawater
- Made in Germany
- 3 year warranty
- Excluding filter media

EHEIM professionel 5e has the following individually adjustable settings

output control:
Gradually increasing the flow rate - The maximum capacity exceeds the performance of conventional filters.

Constant flow:
Increased contamination in the filter is electronically detected and automatically adjusted to the set output. This guarantees a constant flow rate and extends the maintenance interval.

pulse mode:
The electronically controlled flow changes and creates natural conditions in the aquarium.

Bio mode (day/night):
Varies between 2 different flow rates.

Service indicator:
Constant monitoring of the maintenance interval. Cleaning notification is automatically sent to the specified email address.

Automatic venting:
Accumulated air under the filter head is detected and automatically diverted by an electronic program.

Electronic error indicator:
Permanent monitoring of the electronic system. Attempts to resolve errors are made automatically.

Wi-Fi off:
Optionally, the WiFi function can be switched off after every configuration. The filter also works without WiFi. To use the functions again, the WiFi must be switched on.

The latest software version can be downloaded here: Software EHEIM Digital

EHEIM professionel 5e 450 (2076) specifications

For aquariums from: 240 - 450 L
Pump power (50 Hz): 1700 L/h
Head: 2.4 m
Power consumption: 10-35 Watts
Filter material content: 6 L
Total content: 12.5 L
L x W x H 26.4 x 26.4 x 47.4 cm
Hose connection: 16/22mm
Filter materials: 1x filter disc white
1x filter sponge blue
(excluding filter material)
To belong: Hoses and connection material
Suitable for seawater: Yes

Data sheet

Product type:
External filter
Filter volume:
Aquarium volume:
Pump capacity:
1700 l/h
Power consumption:
Filter hose:
16/22 mm


EHEIM professional 5e software

Manual (PDF)

Download (3.07MB)

EHEIM professional 5e

Manual (PDF)

Download (11.28MB)