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An aquarium requires technical equipment for succesfull keeping of fish and aqautic plants. A perfect aquarium for maximum viewing pleasure, aquarium lighting for optimal plant growth and natural look of colors. Current and filtration for a healthy water quality, CO2 fertilization for plant growth etc. Our opinion: Every minute you spend on viewing the aquarium makes it worth to choose for only the best products!

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  • Brand: Flexi mini
  • Brand: Skylight
  • FLEXI mini Scape Set
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    FLEXI mini Scape Set


    A beautiful aquarium does not have to be large. In this complete aquascape set is a small layout in creating. Developed in collaboration with Oliver Knott.

    Size: 32x21x24cm
    Color: black or silver

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  • FLEXI-mini aquarium


    A beautiful aquarium does not have to be large. High-quality optiwhite aquarium.

    Size: 32x21x24cm

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  • Skylight Hyperspot

    Skylight Hyperspot is a refreshing addition to the existing range. Where with other lamps the LEDs are often distributed over the surface, Hyperspot has placed the LEDs in powerful spots. These spots make the effect lively and atmospheric. A slight sparkle is created in the aquarium when there is movement in the water surface.

    Choose the size: S, M or L
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  • Skylight AQCT-2 TIMER controller

    Skylight AQCT-2 controller has been developed to adjust the color and brightness of Skylight lamps: AQI, AQIR and Hyperspot series. It can also be used in combination with Terrarium lamps Tiny, Pro, Prime and MID series, where it can be used to adjust the brightness.
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  • Skylight Set of Hyperspot holders

    Set for Skylight Hyperspot lighting. Consisting of acrylic holders and screws to place the Skylight lighting on the edge of an open aquarium.

    Choose the type you want.
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  • FLEXI mini LED


    Flexi mini LED lighting is the first full spectrum aquarium LED lighting that significantly exceeds the performance of standard T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps. Flexi mini LED is 3x as bright as comparable aquarium lighting of the same size.

    Available in the colors:
    - Silver
    - Black

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