Influx X1s 13mm (inlet)
  • Influx X1s 13mm (inlet)
  • Influx X2s 13mm (inlet)
  • Influx X3s 17mm (inlet)
Influx X1s 13mm (inlet)

CAL Inflow Xs (Short intake)

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The Influx Xs series filterinlaat of Cal Aqua Labs is ideal for a low aquarium. The carefully placed inlet slits ensure a good distribution over the water column.

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CAL Aqua Labs Inflow Xs (Short, inlet) filter inflow

The Influx filterinlaat of Cal Aqua Labs has carefully placed inlet slits with a good distribution over the water column. The result is that the water evenly from multiple layers of water is sucked in to the filter and in which an optimal water circulation takes place!

Inflow Xs (Short intake), especially for a low aquarium

The Influx Xs Series filterinlaat of Cal Aqua Labs is specially made for low aquariums. For example, such as the ADA Cube Gardens F-series or so-called "shallow tanks. Available in diameters of 13 or 17mm for all external aquarium filters.
Each inlet is supplied with suction cup(pen) with which he is firmly on the side of the open aquarium can be confirmed.

Specifications CAL Impulses Xs (Short intake)

Article No
Tube diameter Conversion of filter tube
Height between size Aquarium Suction cups
CAL-14007 X1s Ø13 mm 12/16 80 mm 35 mm < 40 L 1
CAL-14008 X2s Ø13 mm 12/16 120 mm 43 mm > 90 L 2
CAL-14009 X3s Ø17 mm 16/22 150 mm 60 mm > 135 L 2

Cal Aqua Labs glass products in an artistic manner with the hand blown. Each piece is unique. There is exclusive use of laboratoriumkwaliteit, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability and brightness!


OUR TIP: Make the connecting glassware, and the hose is wet, before the hose is connected. So slide it easier. Pressure in the loosening of the glass of the snake first. So he goes smoother release.


Data sheet

Product type:
Filter accessory
Cal Aqua Labs
Inflow X (inlet)
13 mm or 17 mm
Filter hose:
12/16 or 16/22
suction cup(s)
Inflow or Outflow
Article number:
multiple options

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Beste inflow tot nu toe

By on  08 Dec. 2019 (CAL Inflow Xs (Short intake)) :

Influx Xs

Formaat zoals verwacht. Kwaliteit lijkt tot nu toe erg goed; stevig glas dat tegen een klein stootje kan. Erg tevreden over deze aankoop!

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