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Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini
Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini inflow Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini inflow Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini outflow Azaqua Lily Pipe set Mini outflow

Lily Pipe SET Mini

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The Lily Pipe SET, Mini, made of high quality glass. Because of this, there will be no compromise on the aesthetic impression of the aquarium. Also, the glass is thick to run. Great for beginners!


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Lily Pipe Mini value set

The Lily Pipe SET, mini, made of high quality glass with a very clean finish. The cost-effective prijsmaakt this set will be very suitable for a beginner with a small tank!

A glass filter in - and outflow shows that there are many times more attractive and out of compared to plastic material. It is clear glass and is almost impossible to be in and around the aquarium, so there is no compromise to aesthetic feel. Also, the glass is thick which makes it very suitable for beginners.

The Lily Pipe SET kit, Mini is a guarantee for a good flow in the tank, thanks to its clever design. The flow has been squeezed, resulting in a reasonable flow from the filter. The nutrients and CO2 the plants are fed, the waste is to be disposed of and at the same time, there is a slight movement on the surface of the water takes place. As a result, the gas exchange between the atmosphere and the aquatic environment is optimal, and there is less chance of a nasty kaamlaag.

The Lily Pipe SET, mini, hanging on to the edge of the aquarium and the suction cups are not needed. Perfect for a small tank!


Item No.ItemTube with a diameter of
Conversion of filter tube
OutletThe Aquarium
AZ4012Lily Pipe Set, Mini-MØ13 mm12/16 mm13 mm) (jet)10-50 L
SizeHeightThe widthApart
Lily Pipe Set, Mini-MOutletapprox. 150 mmapprox. 80 mmapprox. (15 mm)
The inletapprox. 155 mmapprox. 50 mmapprox. (15 mm)

OUR TIP: Make the connection of the glass to wet it, before it is on the hose, to solve the problem. That's how you slide it, it becomes easier. Once you have found your place in the glass of the snake is the first to capitalise on this. So he has a smoother release.


Data sheet

Product type:
Filter accessory
Lily Pipe SET Mini
Article number:
13 mm
Aquarium volume:
10-50 L
Inflow or Outflow:

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