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A beautifull aquarium is a clean aquarium! Aquarium mainenance is therfore necessary. Cleaning dirt and algae from the glass, cutting aquarium plants and fertilizing them, changing water etc. are essential maintenance jobs for the aquarium. The right care and attention will improve the overal impression of the layout!


  • Tweezers

    A good pinsette essential by setting up the aquarium with aquarium plants. Plants need to be planted in the substrate with delicacy, without damaging the roots. With a pinsette the plants can be easily planted in a small aquarium or small spaces between driftwood, rocks or other aquatic plants with great precision.

  • Scissors

    A good pair of scissors is essential for maintaining the aquarium. With a good pair of plant scissors there will be inflicted as less damage and stress as possible to the aquarium plants. Also a good balance and handling provides a great operating experience and joy to your trimming jobs.

  • Cleaning

    A nice aquarium is a clean aquarium. An aquarium with algae on the glass or dirt on the bottom makes a dirty impression. Maintaining your aquascape is absolutely neccasary to keep the beauty alive. Changing water frequently, cleaning the glass, suction the substrate and remove other dirt will improve the joy of the viewer!

  • Plant fertilizer and...

    Plant fertilizer is essential for a healthy growth of aquarium plants. An adequate aquarium fertilization provides the aquarium plants with nutrition and trace elements and will result in a lush plant groth. Also a good plant growth will inhibit the growth of algae in the aquarium.

  • Water quality

    Correct water quality is of great importance for the well-being of the animals and plants in the aquarium. Stress is also often the number one cause of death in fish and shrimp. Maintaining a healthy living environment can be done by testing the values of the aquarium water. With the right resources, conditions can be optimized so that all inhabitants feel at home in the aquarium.

  • Food

    Fishfood for aquarium fish needs to be balanced to offer the right amount of essential supplements. Also shrimp need special care when it comes to food. By making use of the right type of food, the animals in the aquarium will show their best form and stay healthy.

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  • Brand: ADA
  • ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip

    ADA Pro-Pinsettes Grip are the ideal tool for planting of plants such as Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. The end is wider and thicker than normal Pinsettes, making the plants stronger and can be held. The Pro-Tweezers with Grip in three different lengths available for different types of plants and aquariumafmetingen.

  • ADA Pinsettes

    These professional tweezers are the resilience, accuracy of the tip and the length is perfect with each other in balance. Tweezers are a must-have for every aquascaper to a nauwkeruige layout.

    Available in various lengths

  • Pro-Scissors

    Pro-Scissors is a professional scissors. With these scissors, it is very easy to change the layout to prune. Because they are quite long, they can be easily in the deeper places.

    Type M = 305mm
    Type L = 355mm

  • ADA Pro-Scissors S

    The special scissors developed for pruning the luxuriant stengelplanten. This stylish, uniquely designed pair of scissors is highly functional and easy to handle in the aquarium.

    Choice of:
    Curve type (curved)
    Straight type (sraight)

    length: 255mm

  • ADA Pro-Scissors Short

    This shear is designed for pruning aquarium plants, before they are in the aquarium can be planted or for the pruning of the plants near the surface. The Pro-Scissors are sharp and agile, making it extremely comfortable to work in the maintenance of your plants.

    Choice of:
    Straight (right)
    Curve (curved)
    length: 170mm

  • ADA Pro-Scissors Spring

    ADA Pro Scissors Spring is a handy pair of scissors for pruning and maintenance of java moss or fissidens on wood in the aquarium. Thanks to the smart design makes it ideal for the pruning of Naaldgras or Echinodorus tenellus in a small aquarium.

    Choice of:
    Straight (right)
    Curve (curved)

    length = ~160mm

  • ADA Pro-Scissors Wave

    The ADA Pro-Scissors Wave is a very handy pair of scissors that can be used for different purposes. For the trimming of aquarium plants in the foreground such as Hemianthus callitrichoides, Naaldgras or, for example Glossostigma elatinoides.

    length = 200mm

  • ADA Clean Bottle

    The ADA Clean Bottle can be used for glassware in cleaning is to soak it in a solution of water with ADA Superge. In this plastic bottle in the cleaning solution are mixed.

  • ADA Superge

    ADA Superge is a detergent for the removal of sludge and algae on the glass of, for example, CO2 diffusors like ADA New Pollen Glass and Lily Pipes. Clean your CO2 diffuser can simply by them in a solution of Superge to weeks.

    content: 300ml

  • ADA Spring Washer

    This is a new type of brush with a solid, flexible wire. The flexible wire is sturdy enough to also bends the glass lily pipes to clean.

  • ADA Pro Razor

    With this ADA Pro Razor is very easy to alg as puntalg and other deposits from the aquarium glass to remove. The aquarium glass cleaning is in a moment done, without scratches on the glass to cause and with a perfect result!

    Length 400mm

  • ADA Pro Razor mini

    With this ADA Pro Razor mini algae such as puntalg and other attack very easily from the aquarium glass to be removed. The aquarium glass is in a moment perfectly cleaned without scratches.

    Length 260mm

  • ADA Pro Razor Blade

    These are replacement blades for the ADA Razor (2stuks)

  • ADA Pro Razor Blade mini

    Replacement blades for the ADA Razor mini (2stuks)

  • ADA Sand Flattener

    With this ADA Tool makes the substrate easy to be flat and neat. He is not only useful in the setting up of the aquarium, but also helps with the level of the soil after a waterwissel or when fish or shrimp sand have moved. The substrate becomes really flat and with the narrow portion are also small areas easy to reach.

    Length: 270mm

  • Green Brighty STEP-1
    €8.95 -50% €17.90

    ADA Green Brighty STEP-1 is a complete liquid plant food for aquarium plants. This plantenbemesting contains essential trace elements in the correct proportions are present and promotes aquarium plant for new leaves to grow in the start-up phase. Very easy to dose!

    available in:
    250, 500, or 5000 ml

  • Green Brighty STEP-2
    €8.95 -50% €17.90

    ADA Green Brighty STEP-2 can be used from the 3rd month to 1 year after the setup of the aquascape. In this liquid plant food are essential elements in the correct balance. This will provide the aquarium plants in their nutritional needs that they, in this period of time.

    Contents: 250, 500, or 5000 ml

  • ADA Chlor-Off

    Chlorine in the aquarium can affect the slime layer of the fish and kill beneficial bacteria. ADA Chlor- Off neutralizes the free chlorine in tap water . Changing the aquarium water with tap water is now possible without any risk.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml

  • Green Brighty STEP-3
    €14.95 -50% €29.90

    ADA Green Brighty STEP-3 is a complete liquid plant food for aquarium plants and contains trace elements with iron and potassium. By aquarium plants to fertilize with STEP-3 is, among others, the root growth gestimuleert. This allows plants to better their nutrients can be absorbed and the reserves to build up.

    Available in:
    250, 500, or 5000 ml

  • ADA Vitamix

    Vitamix is a supplement with several vitamins to keep the fish in good health . It relieves stress in fish when released into the aquarium .

    Content: 200 or 50000 ml

  • Green Brighty Special LIGHTS

    ADA Green Brighty Special LIGHTS is a complete liquid fertilizer for fast-growing, light-requiring aquarium plants, such as Riccia or some stengelplanten and is very effective if fertilization of aquarium plants that have signs of nutritional deficiency.

    available in:
    250, 500, or 5000ml

  • EXTRA, FC-Tool Stand
    The ADA language is the FC Tool is the ultimate accessory for aquascape, tools and supplies, and the like. There is plenty of scope for a variety of forceps, scissors and shears, plant food, and add-ons.
  • ADA Soft Water

    Soft Water makes the water slightly acidic. Most aquarium plants and tropical fish prefer slightly acidic water (pH<7.0). Soft Water lowers the pH and carbonate hardness (KH) and transforms the aquarium water to slightly acidic.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml

  • ADA Clear Water

    Clear Water prevents clouding of the water and algae outbreaks. Clear Water is an additive that removes discolored and cloudy water. In addition, it also has an effect on lowering the phosphate in the aquarium water.

    Content: 200 or 5000 ml