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A beautifull aquarium is a clean aquarium! Aquarium mainenance is therfore necessary. Cleaning dirt and algae from the glass, cutting aquarium plants and fertilizing them, changing water etc. are essential maintenance jobs for the aquarium. The right care and attention will improve the overal impression of the layout!


  • Tweezers

    A good pinsette essential by setting up the aquarium with aquarium plants. Plants need to be planted in the substrate with delicacy, without damaging the roots. With a pinsette the plants can be easily planted in a small aquarium or small spaces between driftwood, rocks or other aquatic plants with great precision.

  • Scissors

    A good pair of scissors is essential for maintaining the aquarium. With a good pair of plant scissors there will be inflicted as less damage and stress as possible to the aquarium plants. Also a good balance and handling provides a great operating experience and joy to your trimming jobs.

  • Cleaning

    A nice aquarium is a clean aquarium. An aquarium with algae on the glass or dirt on the bottom makes a dirty impression. Maintaining your aquascape is absolutely neccasary to keep the beauty alive. Changing water frequently, cleaning the glass, suction the substrate and remove other dirt will improve the joy of the viewer!

  • Plant fertilizer and...

    Plant fertilizer is essential for a healthy growth of aquarium plants. An adequate aquarium fertilization provides the aquarium plants with nutrition and trace elements and will result in a lush plant groth. Also a good plant growth will inhibit the growth of algae in the aquarium.

  • Water quality

    Correct water quality is of great importance for the well-being of the animals and plants in the aquarium. Stress is also often the number one cause of death in fish and shrimp. Maintaining a healthy living environment can be done by testing the values of the aquarium water. With the right resources, conditions can be optimized so that all inhabitants feel at home in the aquarium.

  • Food

    Fishfood for aquarium fish needs to be balanced to offer the right amount of essential supplements. Also shrimp need special care when it comes to food. By making use of the right type of food, the animals in the aquarium will show their best form and stay healthy.

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  • Brand: Tropica
  • Tropica Premium Nutrition

    Tropica Premium Nutrition liquid fertiliser for aquarium plants contains Iron, Manganese and other essential micro-nutrients. This fertilizer is free of Nitrogen (N) and Phosphate(P) and is very suitable for all planted aquariums with few or slow-growing plants, and in a lot of fish.

    Available in 125, 300, or 5000 ml

  • Tropica Specialised Fertiliser

    Tropica Specialised Fertiliser liquid fertiliser for aquarium plants contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus with the addition of Iron, Manganese and other essential micro-nutrients. This fertilizer is very suitable for all planted aquariums with many and/or fast-growing aquarium plants.

    Available in 125, 300, or 5000 ml

  • Tropica Nutrition Capsules

    Tropica Nutrition Capsules is an extra nutrient supplement for aquarium plants. Insert the capsules with a pair of tweezers at the roots of fast growing plants to provide extra nutrients.

    Content: 10 capsules

  • Tropica Scissors S-shaped

    Tropica Scissors S-shaped plantenschaar for trimming aquarium plants. By the curved shape of the cutter is highly manoeuvrable and is therefore also very suitable for a small aquarium. Made of high quality brushed stainless steel.

    Length: 250 mm

  • Tropica Tweezers

    Tropica Tweezers makes planting of aquarium plants in a new aquarium very easy. The plant tweezers are made is made of high quality stainless steel and is suitable for planting both ground cover and larger stengelplanten.

    Length: 250 mm

  • Tropica Spring Scissors

    Tropica Jump, the Scissors is a versatile scissor for fine cutting work. The limited length of 15cm makes it ideal for plants to prune in a small aquarium. Because the scissors out of itself comes back up, it can effortlessly be pruned.

    Length: 15cm