ILA Aquarium (90x45x45cm)
  • ILA Aquarium (90x45x45cm)
ILA Aquarium (90x45x45cm)

ILA Aquarium (90x45x45cm)

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This glass aquarium with super bright OptiWhite glass, it meets all of the requirements of the aquascaper who have the best wishes of his tank. Its a very nice finishing touch and ensures that all of the attention is paid to the content and structure of the tank, and that you are not distracted by the disruptive, however, and due programs.

Size: 13x18x24cm /5

1 to 8 weeks

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ILA Aquarium Extra Clear (90x45x45cm)

An ILA aquarium is a high quality aquarium, an aquascape to make it. Where in a normal aquarium with a green hue in the glass, this gives a ILA aquarium will not have any discoloration. Ultra Clear glass ensures that the light is extremely bright. The edges are a beautiful facet cut and mirror-polished.

That is at least as important in the case of a glass tank because of the silicone. Kit, it is almost impossible to be visible in an ILA the aquarium. Due to the absence of stabilizer or other verstevigingstrips to see an ILA aquarium, it has a minimalist and stylish appearance. All of the emphasis is placed on the layout. Create a wonderful aquascape in an ILA an aquarium, the possibilities are endless.

An ILA aquarium is made of ultra-clear glass, with a good price/quality ratio and is perfect as an aquascape tank !

ILA aquarium is available in a variety of sizes

ILA standard fish tank
Size The content Glass Uk
30x18x24 cm 12 L 5 mm
36x22x26 cm 20 L 5 mm
45x27x30 cm 35 L 5 mm
60x30x36 cm 63 6 mm
60x45x45 cm 118 L 8 mm
70x45x45 cm A total of 138 L 8 mm
90x45x45 cm A total of 178 L 10 mm
ILA Cubic aquarium
30x30x30 cm 26 L 5 mm
40x40x40 cm) 62 L 6 mm pallet / pick-up
45x45x45 cm 89 L 6 mm pallet / pick-up
50x50x50 cm 122 L 8 mm pallet / pick-up
60x60x60 cm 212 L 10 mm pallet / pick-up
ILA Shallow aquarium
60x30x18 cm 30 L 5 mm
75x45x24 cm 77 L 6 mm pallet / pick-up
90x45x30 cm 117 L 8 mm pallet / pick-up
120x45x30 cm 156 L 8 mm pallet / pick-up

Data sheet

Product type:
90 cm
45 cm
45 cm
178 L
Glass thickness:
10 mm
Extra Clear Glass
Article number:
By on  26 Aug. 2020 (ILA Aquarium (90x45x45cm)) :

Prachtig aquarium, scherpe prijs.

Ik ben zeer tevreden over dit aquarium, het glas is zeer helder en het slijp -en kitwerk van hoge kwaliteit. Wanneer je hem naast een ADA-bak zet zie je nog wel wat kwaliteitsverschil, maar daar is het prijsverschil dan ook naar. Al met al een geslaagde aankoop.

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