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Oasis Features a Premium LED
Oasis Features a Premium LED

Oasis Features a Premium LED

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Oasis Features Premium LED powerful led lighting with a broad product range for true-to-life colour rendition of fish and plant life. With a commercially available GENERAL Aquarium Controller , or the IR controller to be able to have the color of the light to be customized. Please select the appropriate version.

45, 65, 80, 100, 120

ATTENTION: the exclusive Oasis T Transformer for A 120-W
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Oasis Features a Premium LED

Oasis Features Premium LED powerful led lighting in a wide range of. In the profile, there are four kinds of led color: neutral white, cold white, royal blue, and red. By default, this is a beautiful, full-color display, and to see the fish and the plants are true-to-life. With the help of a SOURCE Aquarium Controller , or the IR controller to be able to have the color of the light to be customized.

Oasis Features a Premium LED, it is waterproof. Thus, it can be used in a freshwater tank with a cover. It has been designed with the latest LED technology combined with a sophisticated thermal management. This results in a long service life and low power consumption.

ATTENTION: the exclusive Oasis T Transformer for A 120-W

Which can be used along with the Oasis of the IR Control Set (sold separately)

An Oasis with IR Control-Set the light to 4 different pre-programmed settings are to be set. These are: the Companion, the Amazon-, the republic of Malawi and the Plants in the aquarium. It is a choice between a 10-hour or 12-hour illumination per day, with or without the moonlights). Using the remote control, the color can be adjusted from warm to cool, light, and the intensity is increasing or decreasing. Phase of the moon can be turned on or off with the option of a full moon or a half moon. As an additional feature, which is also a lightning-to-action. read more>

Which can be combined with Oasis, SOURCE Aquarium Controller (sold separately)

The Oasis SOURCE Aquarium Controller has the capabilities and Features of Premium led up-to the full. Using the Wi-fi network, and the application of the different led color neutral white, cool white, royal blue, and red, seperately. You get to decide which color is lit up at any given time, and make a full day program. read more>

Oasis Features a Premium LEDS are available in a variety of designs

Type LED 45 LED 65 The LED 80 LED 100 The LED 120
Power consumption of lamp 30 W 47 W 67 W 83 W 105 W
Energy efficiency class A
Weighted annual energy consumption kWh/1000u 19 30 44 55 72
Rating IP-68
The rated voltage is 24 V / DC
Dimensions (L x W x H): mm 440x100x15 640x100x15 830x100x15 1040x100x15 1330x100x15
Universal power adapter length, min. mm 410 610 800 1000 1300
Universal adapter max. mm 610 8 to 10 1000 1200 1500
Length of power supply cable 3.00 m
Net kg 1.00 each Rom 1: 20 140 x 1,60 1,90
Warranty+ aanvraaggarantie) 3+1
Suitable for the FOLLOWING Yes
Suitable for Features for 125 High line 175 Features for 200 Features for 300 Features for 400
High-Power SMD-LEDS
white (4000 K)
white (6000 K),
Royal blue
Flux all movie 1020 In the year 1670 2370 2980 3760
Luminous flux neutral white movie 460 750 1080 1370 1800
Luminous flux cold white movie 440 750 1040 1360 1820
Luminous flux: red (660nm) movie 70 110 One hundred sixty 210 270
Of luminous flux of blue (470nm) movie 80 130 170 230 300
Beam angle 120 degree
Suitable for fresh water Yes
Suitable for sea water No no no no no no
Item number 33892 33893 33894 33895 33896


Data sheet

Product type:
LED lighting
HighLine Premium LED
Article number:
multiple options
440, 640, 830, 1040 of 1330 mm
100 mm
15 mm
Power consumption:
30, 47, 67, 83 of 105 Watt
Light output:
1020, 1670, 2370, 2980 of 3760 Lumen
exclusief EAC of aansturing
4 lichtkleuren afzonderlijk regelbaar en controle per segment (aansturing los verkrijgbaar)

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Oase HighLine Premium LED

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