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Easy-Life Easycarbo 100 ml View larger
Easy-Life Easycarbo 100 ml

Easy-Life EasyCarbo

Liquid CO2 in a bottle! A lack of carbon a plant can not function optimally and inhibits the growth. By adding EasyCarbo go aquarium plants there is again strong and healthy and have algae less of a chance!

Content: 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 5000ml


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    EasyCarbo liquid CO2 in a bottle!

    All of the plants mainly consist of carbon. Without carbon would plants do not exist. A lack of carbon a plant can not function optimally and inhibits the growth. Aquarium plants get their Carbon normally from CO2 dissolved in the aquarium. In an aquarium without CO2 fertilization, there may be a shortage of carbon arise. Eas-Life EasyCarbo is an alternative, liquid source of Carbon that easily by plants is included!

    If the plant growth in an aquarium is stagnant, the plants can no longer compete with algae for the available nutrients. When the vegetation still for to long, switch-plants in a survival mode and go sugars and other substances to leak water. The plants look less fresh and vital, and algae feast on the leaked sugars. By adding EasyCarbo go aquarium plants there is again powerful and healthy look! In particular, Cryptocoryne and Echinodorussoorten have visible advantage in the extra carbon. Thanks to the improved growth get algae it is difficult. Due to the competition for nutrients and by not more leaks of sugars of plants, disappear the algae, in most cases within a few weeks!

    In addition to the plants to meet their Carbon needs, it is also important to have sufficient nutrients and trace elements. See also: plant food and additives

    Gebruikesadvies EasyCarbo: 
    Aquarium with few plants:Daily 1ml per 100 litres
    Aquarium with average planting:Daily 1ml per 50 litres
    Aqaurium with lots of plants:Daily 1ml per 25 litres
    NOTE: A double dose of not exceed 

    Some plants such as Riccia, Riccardia, Valisneria, Moss or plants with very soft leaf, can react sensitively to the addition of EasyCarbo. Especially if the water is soft.
    When in doubt, be cautious and start with a 1/2 dose (1ml per 100L) to the plants to get used to. If the plants respond well, the dosage can be increased. Keep always the plants and fish in the holes! EasyCarbo can be used in aquariums with or without CO2 fertilization.

    Content: 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 5000ml


    Advice of Azaqua for a treatment against algae with EasyCarbo:

    In particular, in reducing Baardalg, Penseelalg and Draadalg, can EasyCarbo be perfect as a tool to be used. With a local overdose on the algae, they can be reduced. By using the optional pipette or syringe the daily dosage directly into one spot with algae to spray, will this due to the soft structure, as it were, burning. Baardalgen and as thread algae save white and will die. This "spot treatment" can be repeated daily to a new bealgd piece. Repeat this routine as many days until all the algae is gone. Remove before treating with EasyCarbo the algae first, as much as possible. In addition, it is important to determine which algae arise and take measures to new alggroei.
    In extreme algenplagen can be a high overdose with EasyCarbo too much of the algae do die. However, this can also have harmful consequences for soft plants, fish and shrimp. An overdose is therefore normally not recommended. Keep at all times good to observe!! Remove dead algae and keep water change. Use at your own risk.

    Read here: all about adding CO2 in the aquarium

    Manufacturer: Easy-Life
    Type: Easy-Life EasyCarbo
    Content: 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 5000 ml
    Accessories: Measuring cup


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