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Liquid CO2 in a bottle! With a lack of carbon, a plant cannot function optimally and growth slows down. By adding EasyCarbo, aquarium plants will look powerful and healthy again and algae have less chance!

Content: 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 5000ml

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Easy-Life EasyCarbo

"liquid CO2 in a bottle!"

EasyCarbo is an effective source of carbon for aquarium plants. All plants consist mainly of carbon. Without carbon, plants would not exist. With a lack of carbon, a plant cannot function optimally and growth slows down. Aquarium plants normally get their Carbon from CO2 dissolved in the aquarium. In an aquarium without CO2 fertilization , a shortage of carbon can arise. Easy-Life EasyCarbo is not real CO2, but an alternative, liquid source with Carbon that is easily absorbed by plants!

When plant growth in an aquarium stagnates, the plants can no longer compete with algae to absorb the nutrients present. When plant growth stops for too long, plants switch into a survival mode and sugars and other substances leak into the water. The plants look less fresh and vital and algae feast on the leaked sugars. By adding EasyCarbo, aquarium plants will look strong and healthy again! Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species in particular have a visible benefit from the extra carbon. Thanks to the improved growth, algae have a hard time. Due to the competition for the nutrients and because the sugars from plants no longer leak out, the algae disappear in most cases within a few weeks!

In addition to providing the plants with their carbon needs, it is also important to provide sufficient nutrients and trace elements. See also: Plant nutrition and additives

EasyCarbo Application Advice:

Aquarium with little planting: Daily 1ml per 100 liters
Aquarium with average vegetation: Daily 1ml per 50 liters
Aqaurium with a lot of planting: Daily 1ml per 25 liters
NOTE: Do not exceed a double dose

Some plants such as Riccia, Riccardia, Valisneria, Mosses or plants with very soft leaves can react sensitively to the addition of EasyCarbo. Especially when the water is soft. When in doubt, proceed with caution and start with a 1/2 dose (1ml per 100L) to get the plants used to it. If the plants respond well, the dosage can be increased. Always keep a close eye on the plants and fish! EasyCarbo can be used in aquariums with or without CO2 fertilization .

EasyCarbo is available in:
Content: 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 5000ml

Advice from Azaqua for treatment against algae with EasyCarbo:

Especially in the reduction of beard algae, brush algae and thread algae, EasyCarbo can be used perfectly as an aid. With a local overdose on the algae, these can be reduced. By spraying the daily dose directly into one spot with algae with the optionally available pipette or syringe, the algae will burn as it were thanks to the soft structure. Beard and thread algae will turn white and die. This "spot treatment" can be repeated daily on a new area. Repeat this routine for as many days until all the algae is gone. Before treatment with EasyCarbo, remove the algae as much as possible. In addition, it is important to determine what causes the algae and to take measures to prevent new algae growth.
In extreme algae infestations, a high overdose with EasyCarbo can also kill many of the algae. However, this can also have harmful effects on soft plants, fish and shrimp. An overdose is therefore normally strongly discouraged. Keep a close watch at all times !! Remove dead algae and keep changing the water. Use at your own risk.

Read here: everything about adding CO2 to the aquarium


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Easy-Life EasyCarbo
100, 250, 500, 1000, or 5000 ml
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Easy-Life EasyCarbo

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