Caridina cf. babaulti "green"
Caridina cf. babaulti "green"

Caridina cf. babaulti "green"

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Caridina cf. babaulti var "green" occur in India. Different colors are known and the c. babaulti is also named: Rainbow shrimp. It can have red, brown, green, yellow and even zebra stripes. The variant we offer is the green version.

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Caridina cf. babaulti "green"

Caridina cf. babaulti var "green" occur in India. Different colors are known and the c. babaulti is also named: Rainbow shrimp. It can have red, brown, green, yellow and even zebra stripes. The variant we offer is the green version.

In the aquarium it will take a while to find the shrimp, because the color does not immediately catch the eye against a green background. That makes the Caridina cf. babaulti "green" a nice alternative to other "unnatural" colours. Keep in mind that the shrimp are very sensitive when molting. Large fluctuations in water quality should be avoided. This makes transport a little more difficult, but that should not hinder the popularity of this beautiful shrimp species.

Minimum order: 5 pieces

Caridina cf. babualti information

Caridina cf. babaulti is undemanding to its habitat. They are quite strong shrimp. They are very vulnerable during molting. In terms of pH, they can tolerate a wide range between 6.5 and 8. A hardness of 4-14°dGH is fine and an optimum temperature is between 24 and 28°C. It is very nice that this species grows slightly larger than, for example, Neocaridina or Caridina logemanni species. Like other shrimp species, these too will spend all day eating microscopic food. They actively contribute to combating algae.

Caridina cf. babaulti is a special appearance. They come in different colors and also have the property of changing color depending on their mood. The body is very elongated, which makes it easy to distinguish them from other species. Their rostrum is also elongated on which a clear serrated edge can be recognized. Nice detail is that they also have a pupil in their eyes. Adult specimens can grow up to 4 cm. The females are slightly fuller and rounder than male counterparts. An "egg spot" or "saddle" is also visible in females.

These shrimp are easy to keep and don't need much. An aquarium of 25 liters is already sufficient. Larger is of course better to be able to keep a reasonable group of at least 7 specimens. Shelters are much appreciated. This can be in the form of plants, wood, stones or other crevices that they can crawl between. Moss and plants with fine leaves in their environment will make them feel safe. Plants present will make the water quality more pleasant for them. In the moss they can search for food and shelter to their heart's content.

Behavior and fellow residents
Shrimp are real group animals. They use the presence of conspecifics for a sense of security. So preferably always keep more than 10 copies together. They are almost constantly looking for food. Everything they walk over is picked off. They do not interfere with other fish and are very peaceful. They can therefore be kept with all other aquarium animals without any problems. The other way around is not always a good idea. Due to the small size, they can serve as food for larger fish species. Be careful with fish species whose mouth is large enough to fit a shrimp. Bettas, Chichlids, Gouramis, Large Tetras and Large Barbs are not a good match. If they were not eaten, they can live to be about 2 years old.

Power supply
As mentioned, Caridina cf. babaulti shrimps are constantly searching surfaces. Algae and other edible substances from the biofilm are eaten. Plants leave them alone. Additional feeding is desirable if there are relatively many shrimps in the aquarium. This is possible, for example, with sticks, granules or pads from our range of shrimp feed. Catappa leaves, Walnut leaves and other natural materials can also be added. Cooked vegetables such as carrots and spinach will also be appreciated. Keep in mind that they are small animals with small stomachs. Feeding too much is not desirable.

Cultivation of Caridina cf. babaulti shrimps
Breeding Caridina cf. babaulti shrimp is quite easy and similar to that of fire shrimp. It doesn't really require anything special. Yields will be lower. After the female has molted, a chemical is released. This activates males to fertilize the female. A female carries about 40-60 eggs, which hatch after about 30 days. Baby shrimps are mini versions of the adults and need to fend for themselves right away.

Data sheet

Caridina cf. babaulti "green"
4 cm
Aquarium volume:
vanaf 25L
pH tolerance:
Total hardness:
4-14 dGH

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