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Clithon corona
Clithon corona

Clithon corona

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Clithon corona "antler snail" are small snails with bulges on their shell. Brown-yellow is often the basic color with black or white stripes. They are real cleaners. They will look for food in all corners of the aquarium.
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Basic necessities

Clithon corona

Clithon sowerbyana "antler snail" are small snails with bulges on their shell. Yellow is the basic color with black stripes. Snails supplied by us have a size of 0.5-1 cm, but they can grow to about 2 cm.

Always be careful about getting used to it (better too slow than too fast)

Water quality
Clithon sp. prefers somewhat harder, slightly alkaline water with a GH of at least 5°dH and pH of at least 7. Soft, acidic water will have a bad effect on their home. Also keep in mind that snails are sensitive to dissolved metals and chemical compounds. If medicines are used in the water, transfer the snails to another aquarium as a precaution.

In the aquarium they will feed on all kinds of plant material (algae, dead plant remains, etc.), but dead animals will also be eaten. Healthy plants are left alone. Excess fish food from flakes and food tablets is also eaten. They are real cleaners. They will look for food in all corners of the aquarium. In addition, the window is regularly grazed, which makes these animals a great help in aquarium maintenance. The aquarium should not be too clean for the snails, but preferably there should always be a pile of dirt somewhere where they can forage.

Aquarium type
Snails are also suitable for any aquarium from 30L. It goes without saying that they cannot be kept with snail-eating fish or fish (Botia's, puffer fish, etc.). Clithon species do not reproduce in fresh water, brackish water is needed for this. They do like to sneak out above the water, so they can also climb over the edge. Check regularly for fugitive snails in an open aquarium or preferably use a closed aquarium. Provide plenty of hiding places and they can only live for a few years.

Clithon corona are nice little snails for the aquarium and will help with maintenance!

Clithon corona "Antler snail" properties

Scientific name Clithon corona
Dutch name antler snail
Origin Asia
Size approx. 2cm
Temperature 22-30°C
pH 6.5-8.5
GH (hardness) 6-20
Aquarium size from 30L
Particularities Does not reproduce in freshwater

Data sheet

Clithon corona
Dutch name:
ca. 2 cm
Aquarium volume:
va. 30 L
Plant zich niet voor in zoetwater.
Growth rate:
pH tolerance:
Total hardness:

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