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Malaysian Slug
Malaysian Slug

Malaysian Slug

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Malaysian Snails are special snails with a pointed shell. It comes from Asia and grows to about 2-3 cm.

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Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are beautiful snails with pointed houses. The tower snail lives in and at the bottom of the aquarium. It comes from Asia and grows to about 2-3 cm.

Price per piece.

Behavior in the aquarium
The Malaysian Trumpet Snail is a nice resident for almost every community aquarium. It also comes into its own in a shrimp aquarium. Malaysian Trumpet Snail does an excellent job of cleaning up uneaten fish food, debris and detritus. They will often occupy themselves in the substrate. By digging into the soil, the substrate is supplied with oxygen. Fine sand or gravel is preferred for this. The soil is also fertilized as a result and these snails are an addition to the biological balance. As a disadvantage, the bottom layer will become flat, making them not always ideal in aquascapes with sandy paths or slopes. They are fairly small in size and can therefore be kept in a 20L aquarium.

Water quality
Malaysian Trumpet Snail has few special requirements for the water parameters. It prefers somewhat harder, slightly alkaline water. Soft, acidic water will have a bad effect on their home. Also avoid fluctuations in the water as much as possible. Good water parameters are a pH of 7.0-8.5 and a hardness of 10-20 dGH. An optimal temperature is between 22-27°C.

In the aquarium, these tower snails will feed on all kinds of food remains. Excess fish food and food tablets are eaten. They are real cleaners. They will look for food in all corners of the aquarium. The search is mainly done in the soil layer, so that these animals prove to be a great help in keeping the soil airy. Calcium rich food is recommended for a good development of the house.

Extra information
This species is a prolific viviparous snail. In good conditions, many offspring can arise. If there is a lot of food available for them, they can form a pest. This can be solved quickly by taking away their food and catching them as much as possible. They are especially active at dusk and at night.

Malaysian Slugs are useful snails that are easy to keep!

Malaysian Slug Properties

Scientific name Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Origin Asia
Size approx. 2-3 cm
Temperature 22-27°C
pH 7-8.5
GH (hardness) 10-20
Aquarium size from 20L
Particularities Reproduces in freshwater

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