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The substrate of the aquarium is the base of a healthy aquarium. A good watercirculation and supply of nutrients and oxygen, high activity from bacteria for the biological balance, absorbtion of nutrients by the roots of aquatic plants etc. In short: a healthy substrate contributes to a clear, fresh aquarium with good plant growth.

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  • Brand: Azaqua
  • Lava split 2-8mm (2L)


    Lava split 2-8mm is to use a layer underneath the soil to bring. It retains its shape, so there is no chance of settling or sagging. Between the beads is plenty of room for water circulation. Also is the surface porous, so that bacteria can accommodate.

    content: 2 L

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  • Substraat vlakker


    With this substrate atness, it is easy to the bottom just to make. He has 2 different widths (17mm and 70mm) also in small spaces the soil surface. Suitable for the beginner and the experienced aquascaper!

    Length: 320mm

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