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TWINSTAR Nano Plus - control of algae in the aquarium View larger
TWINSTAR Nano Plus - control of algae in the aquarium


TWINSTAR Nano Plus helps in combating algae in the aquarium. This sterilizes the water and prevents the growth of algae. With the computer-controlled unit and electrode are the traces of, among other green algae, as thread algae, brown algae, blue algae, pluisalg and green puntalg algae destroyed.

For aquariums of
MODE 1: 50-100 L
MODE 2: 100-200 L
MODE 3: 200-250 L



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    Twinstar Nano Plus

    Effectively fight algae in the aquarium.

    In a beautiful aquarium is nothing more annoying than growth of algae. It takes sometimes a lot of effort to get this in check. Certainly in the start-up phase where an overshot of nutrients for algae multiply quite quickly. Through the cloud microbubbels that the electrode produces is the water sterilized and this will prevent the growth of algae. The microbubbels that the aquarium be issued, destroy the cell wall of algsporen and germs and inhibit the growth of, among other things:

    • green algae
    • as thread algae
    • brown algae
    • blue alg
    • pluisalg
    • green puntalg

    On a biological responsible way to fight algae in the aquarium
    Especially in the start-up of an aquarium is the development of algae growth effectively. The smart computer-controlled IC unit adapts to the conditions of the aquarium. The microbubbles are harmless to fish, shrimps and (aerobic) bacteria. TWINSTAR fight algae in a responsible way, without chemicals!

    Why TWINSTAR mini to use in the fight against algae?
    At the start-up are aquarium plants are often not sufficiently adapted to the situation in the aquarium, so they are not all the nutrients can assimilate. The imbalance of an excess of nutrients (for example through Aqua Soil), CO2 and high light intensity in combination with too little water can algae cause. TWINSTAR prevents the spread of algae in an effective and completely safe way, by the algsporen to destroy. The following applies: prevention is better than cure!

    How Twinstar helps to improve plant growth:
    Also in a later stage to help TWINSTAR to improve the growth of aquarium plants. Aquarium plants remain free from a coating of algae and/or green deposits. Because of this, they are better able to absorb nutrients, and can gasuitwisselling through the leaves more easily take place. The aquarium plants look fresher and more vital. Also the water is clearer and fresher, because this pretty touch of cloudiness from algae and discoloration. In clear water, having slightly less resistance to the leaves of the plants to reach.

    What are these micro bubbles?
    The active microbubbels consist of free oxygen radicals hydroxyl(OH). Hydroxylen occur naturally in the atmosphere and arise when ultraviolet light reacts with water vapor. A highly active hydroxyl-a molecule that occurs is only 0.5 to 4 seconds, and responds within that time with other molecules. This OH-molecules play naturally an important role in the cleaning of the atmosphere and are also often referred to as a cleaning agent of the atmosphere. They can be used in the killing of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and break down volatile organic compounds, chemical vapors, gases and unpleasant odors. Note: the OH-molecules are not Ozone(O3) molecules. Ozone in high concentrations is very dangerous and has many negative side effects. The Twinstar produced hydroxyl radicals possess a higher redox potential and contribute to the self-cleaning of the aquarium. This fall, in a natural way apart, increase the oxygen content. This makes fish more vital and exhibit more active behavior!

    What can Twinstar not?
    Fair is fair: Twinstar is not a substitute for poor maintenance. In an aquarium what is already overgrown by algae, Twinstar these algae not for you to remove. In an aquarium with Twinstar algae still occur, because the only tracks to tackle. With proper maintenance and the use of Twinstar are algproblemen better to keep under control and after a period of time will the algae have no chance.


    Specifications of the TWINSTAR Nano Plus:
    TWINSTAR Nano Plus is suitable for aquariums
    Mode 1: 50-100 L
    Mode 2: 100-200 L
    Mode 3: 200-250 L

    Number of modes: 3
    Dimension IC: 54x78x19mm (LxDxH)
    Includes: 2x transparent suction cup
    Cable length: approx. 140cm

    Including Reactor M9:
    Size: 74mm x ø54mm
    Cable length: approx. 37cm
    Includes: 1x grey suction cup

    Exclusive: AquaCradle M90

    The TWINSTAR is available in different versions:

    Prevention of algae and promotion of plant growth:

    Article No


    Mode 1
    Mode 2
    Mode 3


    7019Nano Plus50 - 100 L100 - 200 L200 - 250 LM9M-90
    7016Nano50 - 100 L100 - 200 Lnot presentM7M-90
    7013M5 (successor of mini)20 - 60 L65 - 120 Lnot presentM5M-30
    7010M320 - 50 Lnot presentnot presentM5M-30

    Prevention of fish diseases:

    Article No


    Mode 1
    Mode 2
    Mode 3


    7020Yotta Plus50 - 100 L100 - 200 L200 - 430 LM9M-90
    7017Yotta (successor of Super S)50 - 100 L100 - 200 Lnot presentM7M-90
    7014S520 - 60 L65 - 120 Lnot presentM5M-30
    7011S3 (successor to mini's)20 - 50 Lnot presentnot presentM5M-30

    Prevention of garnalenziekten

    Article No


    Mode 1
    Mode 2
    Mode 3


    7018Shrimp (successor of Shrimp)40 - 60 L65 - 120 L120 - 180 LM9M-90
    7015Shrimp5040 - 60 L65 - 120 Lnot presentM7M-30
    7012Shrimp3020 - 50 Lnot presentnot presentM5M-30

    Recommended by Oliver Knott and many other aquascapers!

    The cleaning of the TWINSTAR electrode with ADA Superge

    For more information and user experiences, see: www.twinstarnano.com/

    TWINSTAR is not suitable for seawater

    Article number:7019
    Type:TWINSTAR Nano Plus
    Aquarium volume:MODE 1: 50-100 L / MODE 2: 100-200 L / A MODE 3: 200-430 L