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ADA Green Bacter Plus

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Green Bacter is an additive, made from organic acid and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. It activates the bacteria and is particularly suitable in the start-up phase, but also has a positive effect after the regular water changes of the aquarium water.

Contents: 50, or 500 ml

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ADA Green Bacter Plus

In a freshly started aquarium is the filter, still not colonized by beneficial bacteria, thus it is not properly functioning to keep the water clear and fresh. ADA Green Bacter consists of organic acid which promotes growth of both of these essential bacteria. It activates the bacteria and is particularly suitable in the start-up phase and to establish a biological equilibrium. It is not only effective in an aquarium, but also when there is a decrease in the biological activity. For example, after the maintenance of the aquariumfilter or after a water change.

In the presence of sufficient beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms, the water quality is better. To the biological balance in the aquarium to optimize, ADA Green Bacter is an essential addition.


Dosing ADA Green Bacter Plus:
During the first 1-3 weeks of the start-up phase daily 1 drop per 10L of aquarium water.
After a waterwissel, filterschoonmaak or in the case of cloudiness of the aquarium water, there may be 1 drop per 10L of aquarium water to be administered.

Contents: 50, or 500 ml
1ml = 24 drops (Thanks to the dropper bottle is easy to dispense)

ADA Green Bacter ADA Green Gain ADA Python Git ADA ECA
Function Green Bacter Green Gain Phyton Git ECA
Activation of effective bacteria
Plant t.b.v. growth of aquatic plants
Organic acid (amino acids) for growth
Iron specimen, t.b.v. red plants
Harmless of germs
Removal of blue-green algae

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Product type:
Bacteria boost
Water quality
Green Bacter
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multiple options
ADA (Aqua Design Amano)
50-or 500-ml

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ADA Green Bacter Plus

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