HS Aqua NO3 test (nitrate)
HS Aqua NO3 test (nitrate)
HS Aqua NO3 test (nitrate) HS Aqua NO3 test (nitrate)

NO3 test

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HS Aqua NO3 test (Nitrate)

Food scraps, fish feces and other organic waste in the aquarium or pond are processed by bacteria in several steps. An end product of this breakdown is nitrate. Unlike the first breakdown products (ammonium and nitrite), nitrate is harmless to fish even in larger quantities. In addition, nitrate is a nutrient for aquatic plants and algae, so that with large amounts of nitrate there is a high risk of excessive growth of green algae. Nitrate becomes dangerous when there is a lack of oxygen in the water. In these cases, the nitrate can release oxygen and react again to form toxic nitrite. Large amounts of nitrate (> 50 mg/l) can therefore produce large amounts of nitrite.

How can nitrate be removed from the water?
The simplest method to remove nitrate is to change the water. By partially removing the water from the aquarium or pond, some of the nitrate is also removed. However, adding evaporated water only results in a dilution of the nitrate. Under oxygen-poor conditions, anaerobic bacteria are able to break down the nitrate into nitrogen gas. This process takes place in the bottom layer or in special filter materials (HS aqua Bacto Stones and HS aqua Bacto Rings). HS aqua Denibac contains these anaerobic bacteria that promote this process.
The final way to remove nitrate is to filter the water over synthetic resins that adsorb the nitrate. During the regeneration of the synthetic resin, the nitrate is exchanged for salt. HS aqua Balance NO3 minus is one of these nitrate resins

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