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Seachem Prime 100ml

Seachem Prime

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Available in: 100, 250 and 500 ml
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Seachem Prime

Seachem Prime is a complete, concentrated conditioner for freshwater and saltwater. It removes Chlorine and Chloramine. It detoxifies ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Five times more concentrated than competing products.

Almost all aquarium brands produce a product that removes chlorine. However, none of these can match the quality, concentration or effectiveness of Seachem's flagship product: Prime. Prime does not affect pH. For seawater, it has the added bonus of not over-activating the skimmers.

Seachem Prime can be used while turning the aquarium in to reduce ammonia and nitrite. It contains a binder that detoxifies ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, allowing the biofilter to remove it more efficiently. Heavy metals present in tap water are also rendered harmless. Use this product at start-up or when changing aquarium water.

Seachem Prime dosing advice

Use 1 cap (5ml) per 200 liters of new water. For smaller amounts, use 1 turn of the cap thread as approx. 1ml. It can be added directly to the aquarium, but it is preferable to add it to the new water first. A sulfur smell is normal. At exceptionally high concentrations of chloramine, a double dose can be safely administered. To make Nitrite harmless in an emergency, 5x the normal dose can be used. At a water temperature of > 30°C and low concentrations of chlorine and ammonia, half a dose may suffice.

Available in: 100, 250 and 500 ml


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100, 250 of 500ml

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