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Aquatlantis Fusion 120 zwart Bekijk groter
Aquatlantis Fusion 120 zwart

Aquatlantis Fusion Pro 120

€ 1.044,90

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    Aquatlantis Fusion Pro 120

    Dit is de PRO uitvoering, dus met externe filter en duo kanaals LED verlichting en 40mm meubel.

    Amazing ambiances

    Meet our most diversified range with lots of models and wonderful colours. An aquarium range made with design, with quality and innovation, resulting in amazing products recognized in all international markets.

    This is our most diversified range with fifteen aquarium models available in eight amazing colours. These aquariums are made always with the quality factor in mind. They have an aluminium profile for a stronger structure as they are high volume aquariums. The top has a lighting sliding system for an easy access to the interior, facilitating the maintenace. The selected included or optional technical equipment is high quality and the best for top ranges. The Fusion models have suitable cabinets available in 19mm and 40mm wood thickness.

    Quiet-running external filters with low power consumption that combines a perfect performance with an easy maintenance. This filter includes an innovative system of filtering media that ensures a complete filtration: Biological, Mechanical and Chemical.

    LED light units now with two independent light channels, an excellent improvement that enhances the quality of the equipment. LED technology ensures a high quality of emitted light due to its high power. With aluminum structure for increased strength and safety.

    This Smart LED Controller allows controlling all parameters independently and according with the user's desires. It has two independent channels with four light intervals each, allowing creating the daylight with sunrise and sunset effect, turning the light units on and off gradually.