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DOOA Aqua Clean AC
  • DOOA Aqua Clean AC
  • DOOA Aqua Clean AC

DOOA Aqua Clean AC

Inhoud: 2 zakjes á 100ml



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    DOOA Aqua Clean AC-Filter Material

    Combining high grade activated carbon with activated alumina, AQUA CLEAN AC removes yellowing of water, aquatic organic matter and phosphates. Cleans the aquarium water and inhibits algae growth. Comes in a bag. Suitable for aquariums with built-in filters.
    [Directions] Rinse bag with water before use and place in a high flow area of the filtration chamber. Replace the bag when removal capacity is exhausted.

    Inhoud: 2 zakjes á 100ml

    Artikel nummer:152-314
    Product type:Filtermateriaal
    Type:DOOA Aqua Clean AC
    Inhoud:2x 100 ml