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DOOA System Paluda 60
DOOA System Paluda 60
DOOA System Paluda 60 DOOA System Paluda 60

DOOA System Paluda 60

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DOOA System Paluda 60

ADA System Paluda 30 and 60 are aquarium kits designed specifically for paludarium use, which enable you to grow tropical plants in optimum conditions. System Paluda 60 has double-door design and System Paluda 30 with single swing door. They both have a sliding glass top. Front glass doors fully open for easy maintenance. System Paluda 30 and 60 come with a Mistflow box. The mist generated by Mistflow comes down from the Mistflow tank, where the water is kept at a constant level by a water circulation pump, and creates moist conditions in the aquarium tank. You can drain the water gathering at the bottom of the tank over time by absorbing it by the high absorption sponge. The Mistflow box has retainer grid pins to easily mount Wabi-Kusa Mat on the wall for background layout. By installing Circulation Fan 40 to either a fan mounting hole located at the side of the tank or on the Stainless-steel mesh cover, you can direct the mist downwards and generate wind, which is necessary for the growth of plants such as orchids. Power Cord S-70 (sold separately) enables you to control lighting schedule, wind and humidity of the paludarium and create various conditions suitable for the plants. You can also enjoy the distinctive colors of tropical plants by using RGB LED DOOA Paluda Light 60 (sold separately) with this product.

Afmeting: W60×D30×H45 cm

DOOA System Paluda 60 inbegrepen accessoires:

- Aquarium tank
- Mistflow box
- Wabi-kusa mat (×18)
- Water circulation pump (3L/min, USB port Type-A)
- USB power adapter (Type-A),
- Pump stand
- Outflow pipe
- Noise reduction sponge (×2)
- High absorbent sponge (×2),
- Paluda Clean PC,
- Sliding glass top 60
- Top glass plate 60
- Stainless-steel mesh cover 60
- Hole cap (Ø40×2)
- Drainage piece,
- Mistflow,
- Mistflow Cap,
- Circulation Fan 40,
- Cascade Brush



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DOOA Neo Glass Paluda

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