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A nice aquarium is a clean aquarium. An aquarium with algae on the glass or dirt on the bottom makes a dirty impression. Maintaining your aquascape is absolutely neccasary to keep the beauty alive. Changing water frequently, cleaning the glass, suction the substrate and remove other dirt will improve the joy of the viewer!

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  • ADA Clean Bottle

    The ADA Clean Bottle can be used for glassware in cleaning is to soak it in a solution of water with ADA Superge. In this plastic bottle in the cleaning solution are mixed.

  • ADA Superge

    ADA Superge is a detergent for the removal of sludge and algae on the glass of, for example, CO2 diffusors like ADA New Pollen Glass and Lily Pipes. Clean your CO2 diffuser can simply by them in a solution of Superge to weeks.

    content: 300ml

  • Slangborstel Twin

    A handy brush for the thorough cleaning of filter tubes or glass parts. Made of a flexible steel cable with one end a thin and at the other end, thick soft brush.
    Suitable for 12/16 and 16/22 mm tubing.

    Length: 155cm

  • ADA Spring Washer

    This is a new type of brush with a solid, flexible wire. The flexible wire is sturdy enough to also bends the glass lily pipes to clean.

    SS (for pipes ø 10mm)
    S (for pipes ø 13mm)
    M (for pipes ø 17mm)

  • window cleaner

    When algae or paint residue is firmly attached to the glass, this can be a challenging cleaning job. Good tools such as our Window Cleaner will clean the aquarium windows in no time. With one movement, all deposits are removed from the glass. Grains of sand can hardly get between the thin blade and the glass, so the chance of scratches is minimal.

    Length: 320mm

  • ADA Pro Razor mini

    With this ADA Pro Razor mini algae such as puntalg and other attack very easily from the aquarium glass to be removed. The aquarium glass is in a moment perfectly cleaned without scratches.

    Length 260mm

  • ADA Pro Razor

    With this ADA Pro Razor is very easy to alg as puntalg and other deposits from the aquarium glass to remove. The aquarium glass cleaning is in a moment done, without scratches on the glass to cause and with a perfect result!

    Length 400mm

  • Pro Picker

    ADA Pro Picker is a useful tool for the removal of algae that are growing on wood and stones.

    Length: 175mm

  • ADA Sand Flattener

    With this ADA Tool makes the substrate easy to be flat and neat. He is not only useful in the setting up of the aquarium, but also helps with the level of the soil after a waterwissel or when fish or shrimp sand have moved. The substrate becomes really flat and with the narrow portion are also small areas easy to reach.

    Length: 270mm

  • Substraat vlakker

    With this substrate atness, it is easy to the bottom just to make. He has 2 different widths (17mm and 70mm) also in small spaces the soil surface. Suitable for the beginner and the experienced aquascaper!

    Length: 320mm

  • ADA Pro-Brush

    ADA Pro-Brush is a professional aquascape tool for scraping algae from stones and other decoration materials. Stubborn algae such as green puntalg or baardalg, thanks to the use of the abrasive brush with small strength to be easily removed.

    Length: 150mm

  • ADA Pro Razor Blade mini

    Replacement blades for the ADA Razor mini (2stuks)

  • ADA Pro Razor Blade

    These are replacement blades for the ADA Razor (2stuks)

  • BorneoWild Polish Tip
    €3.43 -30% €4.90

    Borneo Wild Polish Tip is a type of sandpaper, with three types of surfaces and is specially designed to Borneo Wild stainless steel Aquascaping tools in good condition.

  • EHEIM MultiBox

    The EHEIM MultiBox is the perfect solution for the areas around the aquarium to organize. Hang the multi-function box on the edge of the aquarium or the little door of the aquariummeubel and enjoy the comfort and ease of use during the aquarium care according.

  • Azaqua 5 piece Tool set

    Professional 5 piece Aquascape Layout and maintenance Tool-set in luxury case.

    1x aquarium scissors Straight
    1x aquarium scissors Curve
    1x aquarium Tweezers Precise
    1x aquarium Tweezers Rigid
    1x aquarium substrate is flatter

    length: 250mm

    All of the tools at hand to your nature aquarium to set up and maintain!

  • Net Shrimpcatcher

    The Azaqua net Shrimpcatcher is a very fine landing-net for shrimps easy to catch. The net is 5cm round and 5cm deep where shrimps are not easy to escape from. Lightweight design and highly manoeuvrable.

  • Borneo Wild Razor Blade
    €1.05 -30% €1.50

    Replacement blade

    Razor 18

  • Towel Azaqua

    If there is then 1 the drawback of having an aquarium should have, is that there are regular drops of water will get to places where this is not required. On the windows, on the furniture, drops to the floor etc. Don't forget the kitchen towel and use this towel specially for the aquarium.

  • DuoPad

    Seachem DuoPad on both sides of a surface that the aquarium glass is easy to clean. Also, the form of which is taken into consideration. A variety of angles to ensure that it is well on the tough spots that can come up. It fits perfectly in my hand and the glass in no time.

    Dimensions: 11.3 x 6.4 cm

  • Seachem Algae Pads

    Seachem Algase Pads are made of a body structure of foam. Due to the micro-abrasive technology that is in general easy for the window to be removed. A variety of angles to ensure that it is well on the tough spots that can come up. It fits perfectly in my hand and the glass in no time.

    Dimensions: 11.3 x 6.4 cm

  • Maintenance Tool Holder Metal

    Your favorite scissors and forceps are with this handy Maintenance Tool Holder is always within easy reach. This metal Tool holder can over the edge of the aquarium to be confirmed, but he can also, for example, the inside of the aquariummeubel be screwed.

  • Maintenance Tool Holder Acrylic

    Hang the Azaqua Maintenance Tool Holder on the edge of your aquarium, and have all the important aquascaping tools at your fingertips!

    Size: 130x55x37mm (LxDxH)
    Glass thickness: max. 15mm

  • EXTRA, FC-Tool Stand
    The ADA language is the FC Tool is the ultimate accessory for aquascape, tools and supplies, and the like. There is plenty of scope for a variety of forceps, scissors and shears, plant food, and add-ons.